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CA 125 Progression

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I have a question regarding CA125 test and everyone's experiences with it.  In October 2014, my CA125 prior to surgery was 28.2.  I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma Stage 1a Grade 2.  I had surgery but no other treatment.  In February 2015, my CA125 was 7.4.  In June 2015, my CA125 was 7.6.  In June, when I saw my oncologist, he wasn't concerned.  In preparation of my next visit with my oncologist, I had another CA125 done and it just came back as 8.4.  I know that these results are still within the normal range but I am wondering if I should be concerned that it is steadily going up. 

Have you ladies had similar results with no reoccurence?  Am I being overly reactive and that this is not a sign of reoccurence?  I feel really stupid asking these questions when I should be happy that the results are still low but I have been reading about CA125 and it is scaring me. 

Thank you in advance for any reassurance that you can give me.  I see my oncologist in early October but I am sure he will say not to worry because he has said that the CA125 is just one test and he considers it with other examinations (such as pelvic).  


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My CA125 never was an indicator for me.  My CA125 after hysterectomy was 28    During chemo, etc. 3, 2 1.    then it went to 8, 11, 10, etc.   I stopped having it taken.   I did last year, it was a 14.    Just so you know, for people who a CA125 is an indicator, the counts are in the thousands.   Also, even if it jumped to 30 or 40, inflammation can cause a spike.   Now if it jumped tremendously, then I would probably think something is going on.

My best to you!


P.S.   It was 10 years since my hysterectomy!

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My CA125 prior to my surgery was 21.  It jumped up to 90 after my surgery and after my first chemo treatment.  My oncologist just tested it a couple of weeks ago and it is in the 30s.  So, I'm not sure it is a good marker for me.  My surgeon said that the surgery alone will make it jump up.  Like Kathy said, there are many things that make it go up and down.

Kathy - I love seeing the 10 year mark for you! It continues to be a great reminder for all of us to never give up. :-)


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Hi there,

Good question!  As I understand it, the C-125 is only 1 tool used to help indicate changes.  My C-125 was always in the normal range, I believe at the height of my cancer it was only 19.  After treatment it has remained at 7 for the last six years.  So taken alone, it is not helpful for identifying my particular cancer (I had small cell undifferentiated carcinoma)...but it is a useful tool if combined with exams, scans, symptoms, listening to your body, etc. for identifying any changes.

Sending my very best to you,


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Like the other ladies, CA125 is another tool in the toolbox.  It could go up if you have a cold, slight infection, etc...your numbers are all good.  That is great.  I kept, and keep, track of all my numbers in a notebook. 

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Dear Ladies,

Thank you for all your responses.  You are all a wealth of information.  It gave me the reassurance I needed.  

If this helps, I called my oncologist today and he told me that he considered 7.4 to 8.4 as very similar numbers.  He stated that it is usually due to variances in the test and he usually sees reoccurences when the numbers jump from 10 to 40 to 225 from checkup to checkup for example.  

I really like my oncologist but unfortunately he is leaving the practice to become an instructor of doctors at another hospital (City of Hope to USC Norris).  I get to meet my new oncologist at my October visit in a couple of weeks.  I hope he is just as knowledgeable.  

All the best to you all.

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My surgeon is with The City of Hope, I also spent time at Norris on a potential clinical trial but it didn't pan out.  Stay cool!  Anne

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