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Side discomfort

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Hi all,

I had my left lap, hand assisted nephrectomy on July 6. I am curious as at this point I have no pain but can still feel my incision but what I do have is an uncomfortable feeling in my RIGHT side. It's not pain just feels uncomfortable some time, it is the side I tend to lie on too. Just curious if anyone else had this. No other issues to note. Might be from just being lazy for two months.

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I certainly did experience the discomfort you speak of on the side opposite the surgery. To me it felt like things were out of place inside. It lasted a good while but eventually, 8 months or so, that discomfort vanished. It's been about 19 months since my partial nephrectomy.

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Had discomfort in many places after my surgery... The muscles pull in each other as they are healing, and there is the inactivity to worry about. Not unusual to have muscle pain or discomfort far from the surgery site, at least not in my case.

- Jay

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This is just one of those extra perks of a neph which comes free of charge.



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you did have a major organ ripped out of your body.....you have to pay the price. It's not as enjoyable as going out for pizza and beer....

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I had all kinds of issues off and on for months. IMO, it takes a year or a little more for your body to adjust to the new situation. A nephrectomy is a big deal. First of all, your insides take longer to heal than your outside. Then there's the whole issue of your body getting used to not having that other kidney there doing all the things it's supposed to do. In the immediate aftermath of the surgery, there's the stress placed on muscles in ways that wasn't stressed before because you're handling your body in a different way which is probably stressing new muscles that weren't stressed before.

Your profile mentions Stage 1, but doesn't mention the size of your tumor. There's quite a difference in prognosis (all of this is my non-medically school trained opinion) in a 1cm tumor and 6.9cm tumor. What was the size of your tumor? But for this question, it's irrelevant. I'm just curious.

Sorry, but I think you may have awhile to go before you feel normal.

Best wishes to you,


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Thank you for the replies. All of them make perfect sense. I think that as I feel better I expect it all to go away. Indeed not near as fun as pizza and beer. Todd, my mass was 5.2 on the bottom left kidney. Scary stuff this RCC!

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