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A little bump in the road

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Lou Ann M
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My rollor coaster ride took a deep dip three weeks ago, but I am finally headed uo again..  Three weeks ago I started with severe nausia and vomiting.  Not able to eat or dink anything.  New meds from the Dr. nothing helped.  Hydration  Friday th Dr. sent me to the emergency room.  Ct Scan. bowel blockage!.  GI tube and more hydration..  first idea wait beacuse they sometimes correct themselves with a little time.  The Hospitalist says there is a surgeon in a city 160 miles away that is the best with this kind of surgery.  Abdominal surgery involing cancer.  Surprise  He is my Gyn onc.  He called for a consult and my good Dr said sent me to him first thing in the morning.  Answers to prayers!!. Surgery on Thursday.  He removd a gulfball size tumor the was titwined in my lower intestines and 42cm of intestine. 1 transfusion, anther 2 CT scans, 1 chest abdomen xray.  GI tube still in hydration and Ice chips.

On this last Tuesday they finally removed that stupid tube and a got on a clear liquid diet  (passing gas seems to be a really big event for them)  Wednesday, I fianlly got to go home.  No chemo for at least 4 weeks and it will not be Doxil  It was not working.  I sample of the tumor was sent of for testing so we may know what kind of chemo will work.  out of every bad thing, something good come alond with it.

my enery is slowly coming back.  This is the first day I have felt like writing.  I have read a  frew posts, but I am having trouble consentrating.

hugs and prayers to all  Lou ann

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Great to hear, Lou Ann!!  I had never even heard to watch for this but I have heard you, and other ladies with gyn cancers, have issues. 

Rest, recover, and so thrilled to hear from you.

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You are a strong lady, I am sending you healing vibes and prayers.  It sounds like they sent your tissues our for genome testing which is good.  Hugs and hugs Anne

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To say you have had a rough 3 weeks is an understatement.  Glad that you are out of the hospital at home and recovering.

Hugs and healing.


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So glad to hear from you!  What an ordeal you just went through. Glad you are on the mend.

My sister told me that the bowel blockage hurt her more than pancreatitis - which I know is incredibly painful!

I'm sorry you had to go through that. And, I hope that you feel back to normal quickly.



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Double Whammy
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first, I'm sorry to read of your ordeal, Lou Ann.  However, if that tumor had not been blocking something important, they probably would not have removed it and sent specimens off to be tested to see what chemotherapy will be effective.  They just would have gone on trying this and that.  I think that my gyn oncologist is a genius, and because of the rigorous extensive training they plod through, it's easy to envision the expertise they can bring to the table.   While I'm not "happy" for you, I am hopeful. 


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