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Date set

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Date is set for the partial nephrectomy of remaining left kidney on October 5, three Mondays from now. We were full time RVers, and we have completely changed our lifestyle for this surgery, then the following one removing a tumor from my right lower lung. We have bought a condo, moved in and spent days unpacking and finding space. I now have an adjustable bed to recuperate in, I'm making dog beds as they are tired of sleeping in crates, and just the general running around getting prepared as I don't want to hit the hospital leaving my husband (who is very upset that I'm going through this again) to handle everything by himself. No question. Just venting.

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The worst part is the waiting part, may your both surgeries be successfull and uncle Ned comes and stays with you for long time. Please let us know how things are after your neph.

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Good luck woth your surgeries! 

On the one hand, seems you have a lot on your plate with relocation. On the other - it could help to take your mind off from upcoming surgeries... 

Wishing a speedy recovery!

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You are right. Getting the new place ready takes my mind off of everything but the task at hand--putting up pictures, emptying boxes... But then we get the calls, messages, emails asking how I am doing.  The funny part here is I feel fine. No pain, no symptoms. I look great. It's the emotional toll of knowing there is something(s) wrong inside, the doctors are positive all can be removed, and I will recouperate, albeit with a lot of pain and lack of energy. Iam normally an active person. The recouperating part is awful for me.

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Will be thinking about you on the 5th. I hope all goes smoothly for you!



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I mentioned on your other thread that I had an open partial. It really wasn't as awful as I had feared. Hoping yours will be the same. I had a small incision so don't assume it'll be huge and horribly painful. Of course it all depends on location but I'm hoping yours can be as relatively uneventful as mine. I was home in two days and sitting at my computer doing work. Will be thinking of you and hope it goes smoothly for you.

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