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All in the family? What the heck!!

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Hello Angels,

ive bee hit with another blow recently and so I immediatley run to you guys who know this kidhey stuff. Well as you know I had a partial neph in June. I'm feeling much better taking things one day at a time and feeling overall pretty good. 

Until my son calls Friday and tells me he may have kidney cancer!!! He did have a benign angiopiloma rupture 10 years ago and thanks be to God he was able to have the benign tumor embolized. He's been healthy since, he wasnt real consistent with his follow ups but he did have a few all with good scans. Well he hadn't had one in awhile so I (going through my kidbey ordeal) told him to get ct done Now. Well like a good son he obeyed his mother. Needless to say I was not expecting this. Neither was he. Doctor told him that not all angiopilomas stay benign. They can become cancerous? And it looks like this one may be growing back and be cancerous. He says that because he doesn't see any fat in this one. I guess cancer doesn't have fat?  He recommends full neph asap. 

My son is 36, married and has 2 beautiful sons. 

I am encouraging him to get his scans evaluated by the surgeon who did the embolization. He lives in Texas and he had the surgery at UCLA. This doctor in Texas only had his one scan before embolization (not reall clear because of rupture) and the most recent scan. I really would love your feedback on this. I going to encourage him or his wife to get on here so they can see there are solo many people out there with great knowledge and understanding.

thank you all


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I got different reports on it and they didn't know it was an aml until after surgery.  I had 2 ct scans and an mri.  They did a partial neph. On 8/25.  Prayers for you and your son.  They don't always know what it is until they do the tests.  

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I had the same thing and my dr said that even an MRI or CT scan will tell you if it is cancer, but has a better bet to tell you if it is a cyst.  She also told me after removal smaller ones tend to be begnin than larger ones.


Since he is in TX and far from UCLA, MD Anderson has a lot of experts in Kideny cancer.


I pray for the best outcome.

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What scan did he have? Was it an ultrasound or CT/MRI? Good idea to get a second opinion on these scans and also try a different modality, if any doubts. 

As he had angiolipoma already, all chances are that it is just angiolipoma growing back. How big is it on that scan?

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Eventually you should look into genetic testing. There are a number of genetic conditions that can cause kidney cancer and it can be important for treatment decisions to know if you have one. I hope everything turns out well.

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Just wanted to say hello and sorry for what you and your son are going through.

It is hard enough for us, I couldn't imagine if it happened to one of my children too.

But at least you can walk him through the process of healing and recovery.

Let us know how you both are doing, ok?

Hugs, Jan

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