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Sorry I was out for a couple of weeks, we started school back up and I had to get my classroom ready for my kids.  I have noticed that since being on the Votrient for seven months I have a lot less energy this year I have only had students for a week and I feel like it is January already physcially.  I have also noticed that I am forgetting things including my students names.  My ONC suggested I may be starting to get Chemo brain, that sucks, but all of this does not give me the right to neglect all of you so for that I am sorry.   What made me remember today to post was I just lost a friend today to Pancreatic Cancer  he was my vice principal for a while and I taught and coached his son and daughter.  This reminded me of how much we need each other for only we know what we are going through, the torment, the frustration, the highs, and the lows, we are a fraternal organization fighting a disease that does not care whose life it tears apart.  I thank god that I have my family, my friends, and my brothers and sisters that face this challenge everyday and go on living their lives daily and that wont let cancer determine who they are.  Thank you all for your strength and wisdom, what ever happens with this disease it is nice to know I have friends who I have never had in my home, or broke bread with, yet wish me well as if we had known each other for ever, and by the way if any of you are in Boardman Oregon, and you need a place to stay you have a family member here with a guest bedroom just waiting for you.  


God Bless You All.


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Hi Mark,

As I am sitting here drinking my morning cup of coffee, getting ready for our first day of school (elementary school secretary) I thought I would have a quick look in to catch any new postings, and read your post.

What a brave soul you are. It can't be easy to go into a classroom with the side effects of your medication. And then to lose a friend to cancer....Cancer is a terrible disease, but cancer does tend to bring out the best in people. I am glad you have a wonderful support in friends and family. What you said about this group is right on, as well. I also consider this group of people my friends and family. I have shared many private feelings and fears with you all and felt completely supported. Your words prove what a great group this is.

Thank you for making this morning a heartwarming one.



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Thank you for this wonderful post! It is so true that cancer is a horrible thing, but sometimes it does make us understand what is important in life, how much we love our dear ones, amd that we can have true friends whom we've never seen but who are ready to celebrate our victories and support us in hard times...

I'm so grateful for this board that it gave me such friends - all of you!

thank you , and I wish you all long years of NED or controlled disease.

and congrats to all of you working in school or college with the beginning of new school year! 

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Sorry for the loss of your friend !

And I can appreciate what you are going through, as another illness I have prevents me from working due to cog Fog.

HOWEVER, what MDs never suggest or teach is how our brains need NUTRIENTS!! Inflammation on the brain and other

parts of our bodies cn be treated and improve, our livers, our body systems AND our BRAIN!


I would suggest you do a search in your area for health care providers who treat wholistically. There is help and its

alternative treatments that compliment other meds we must be on. Its whole foods in capsule or tablet that is sold

under supplements. they use NRT or ART (nutritional response testing or autonomic testing) You know how some doctors

push against a limb while you push away? It is that kind of testing ANd it compliments any meds you are on.

That way you learn EXACTLY what YOU need for as long as your body says it needs these nutrients.

Its worth a try. Also detoxing our livers (naturally) is another way to get those toxins out of our bodies.

Consider this. I did this and it added years onto my employment and gave me a clearer head with more energy.

Good luck, sending you healing hugs,


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Pancreatic cancer is horrendous---Although my M-i-l was in assisted living, her final 6 months were not good, and I seemed to be the major go-to person for everything.  So glad we had Hospice.

Kidney cancer is also bad, and some of the newer drugs that are being used can have consequenses.

Boardman is GOOD-as is Oregon.  I should know.  Born and reared here.  And yes, school has started; which means my job as a volunteer at the HS will get underway, soon.

Fires and more fires.  Now, there's one north of Bandon Dunes golf resort.  The High center is pushing the smoke out to sea and right back in at us.

Hope your school year gets off to a great start, and you health and welfare can handle everything.

Hugs from SW Oregon.



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Gave me Pneumonia!

A week in the ICU

No oxygen in brain

Kidnapped by Irish Horse thieves

Did I say no oxygen in Brain?

Lost 3 days unconscious

No oxygen in Brain

Had no idea what I was saying or what was going on.

Scrub yourself after dealling with children

Or scrub the children as they appraoch

Seriously I might have to retire now

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Wow, Stomps, you really had a rough go there!  Hoping you are feeling a little better now. Take care of yourself. I know you love your job, but I have a feeling retirement will be really nice, too!



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