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Everolimus - Suggestions?

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There is a good chance I will be starting Everolimus this week or in the near future - any suggestions or advice?  Are ther better times to take it? Managing side effects? Changes I can expect?

Just curious....


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Maybe type it is a search and see what comes up. Also, sign up at smartpatients.com. They have a lot of experience people on there, they can give you many answers.  Hope it works well. :)

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I was in an Everolimus test trial for a year following my surgery.  I had many of the side effects that are listed by the manufacturer and on the internet.  All were pretty manageable. During the year, I was NED.  So, my experience with the drug is very positive.  I took the drug at the same time of day.  I had enough side effects to know that I was in the test group which received the drug.  But, I never came close to a major problem with the drug.  I will say that it wore me down; I could tell that I was on chemotherapy.

I hope that it works as good for you as it did for me.



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I just came off affinator after 9 months of stability. I had virtually no side effects, but I also went on a ketogenic diet because affinator can cause problems with blood gloucose. So if you are having side effects you might try dietary changes. Good luck!

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