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Winter Marie has passed away

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Her son posted the following:

Taken from Winter's son's wall.

All friends and family I appreciate your kind words and support for my mother and her courageous battle against cancer. She passed away peacefully a few moments ago with my sister by her side. I know she had many people who loved and cared dearly for her and she wanted to let them know. My mom was the strongest person I ever knew and taught me what unconditional love is. I know she'll always be with me but I'll never stop missing her. I'll always love you with all my heart. — with Winter Egbers and 3 others.

Godspeed my friend. I'll miss you.


Fly with the eagles dear Winter.

Marie who loves kitties


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Rest in peace dear Winter. 

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I'm heartbroken.

Winter was SO SO stong; she fought and won so many times. 

May her family be blessed at this time. 

Winter, we will remember you for your strength, determination, positive attitude. Your example, your words will live with us. 

Sue - Trubrit

Cathleen Mary
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My heart is sore. We have lost a dear, dear friend. Blessings on her family during this difficult time. Godspeed, Winter Marie.


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    Perhaps they can enjoy a quiet wine togeather now. Hugs to winters family. Ron.

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I am so saddened to read this news. Winter was one of my oldest friends here. She, Jenny, & I were the "3 Ditzy Blondes". She was always so helpful, kind, and concerned for everyone's welfare.

Winter, look for the beautiful cowgirl and the Cherokee Irishman when you get there. They'll be waiting with open arms. Goodbye, my friend.



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My heart is broken to read this.  Marie was so very kind to me and so many others.  This truly is a very sad day.  I am so very sorry.

Hugs - Tina

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We'll miss her strength and compassion here on the forum.

Peace and hope for healing to the family she loved~AnnAlexandria

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Oh no. Dammit. I never knew her but I'm sitting here crying now. She was such a great lady, it was obvious in her posts. The world has lost someone very special and will be the poorer for it.

To her family, I am so, so sorry. God bless you all.


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I've not been on much but checked today and saw this sad news.  She was such a couragous person.  My sympathies go out to her family.  She was a wonderful asset to this board.  Winter - you will be missed.

Hugs and soar with the eagles dear friend.  Kim

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such sad news. She was wonderful


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My heart is broken. Too many of our old fighters have gone this year. No more

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I was out last night and checking something on the phone and this was there when the browser opened to this page and refreshed.  I had to just walk away from everyone to a spot where I had to be alone as tears started.  Even trying to type this now, it is starting again.

She was so amazing in her strength in the face of this.  She was one of the first I started "talking" to here. Her advice about how to handle things helped me through, and I used a variation of one to help with the ability to drink cold things and limit the effects of the chemo.  And her sense of humor was wonderful.  The naked happy dance post was prcieless and I could not stop laughing.  My hope is that I can help others along this road as she has.

Condolances to all of her family. 

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So many, so young. It's all so heartbreaking. She was very gracious and caring and will be missed tremendously.

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She was an inspiration to us all. We will miss her terribly.

My condolences to her family.

Soar with the angels, dear friend ...


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Oh my, I will miss our dear friend.  Winter Marie was one very special lady, so very caring and supportive to all who had the privilege of knowing her.  She gave me the strengh to carry on during difficult times and pushed me through those times with a lot of caring, insight and a bit of humor.  It is with great sadness that I'm writing these words, it's beyond comprehension how someone so kind and dear could be taken from us, like so many others...  I will forever be grateful that she was a part of my life, and, as such, a piece of my heart is now missing.  Soar above the clouds my friend, you are finally at peace.

My sincere condolences to her family and friends,



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May her memory be a blessing.

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All my best and may your memories bring comfort over the years.



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My condolences to her family. 

Such a lovely strong woman.  Winter will be greatly missed.  




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This disease is so unfair, too many people suffering!  So sad!!!

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no words. So empty, what is left to say , soar high in the sky Marie, free of pain, like a Phoenix rises of the ashes, be free my sweet lady. 

My thoughts go out to her family, she was a great lady, full of compassion and love. 

Be assured that we all will miss her,


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Dance with the Angels.

My condolences to all that loved her.


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So sad to hear of Winter Marie's passing.  My condolences to her Family.  Winter, you are a wonderful Spirit and I hope you have peace.  

In the Light,


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Just saw this...after posting to her and wishing her a pain free transition. Gosh...now I do feel bad. >.< But I do hope still that she did not suffer much and that her family will be able to accept quickly that this is the best for her. I hope she sees these messages from Heaven and smiles. I wish strength to the family!!!!

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May your soul,strengths and kindness remain on the board forever...

another angel has her wings today ...  

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So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with her family during this time. :(

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I just read this so sorry to the family of one special lady

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Oh I am so sad to read this.  Winter Marie was a friend who gave so much to so many.  Very, very sad.



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We are so very sorry to hear this news. I don't come on much but did tonight and saw this terrible news.

Winter was always there for us and I can't believe she is gone. But I know she is in a much better place.

Prayers to her family. God speed Winter. We love you.

Linda and Miss Ellie

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Haven't been posting for a while, so sad to hear of winter's passing.  She was so strong and so nice to everyone on the board.  She will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace Winter Marie.  Traci

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