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Home after recovery

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I officially got my nephrectomy out of the way on monday and now I'm home. Is this normal for me to sweating a lot especially on my face thanks. 

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That first week after the neph. tends to be a little rough. First, your specific complaint sounds a little different so report it to your doctor. Hopefully just part of a normal recovery. Hag in there. Things will get better each day with maybe a bad day in between.



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I was sweating a lot, night and days, first couple of weeks after surgery, doc told me that stuff they use for anaesthesia could do that. It eventually went away. Ask your Dr if this could be the problem for you.


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I would be drenched in the night. So yes, I sweated a lot intially. It will go away but make sure you monitor your temperature. If it goes above a 100 see your doctor.

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