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Accommodation during RAI

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I need to undergo the RAI treatment in October and am looking for options of accommodation for the first one week. My doctors have told me not to stay in a Hotel. I have a 4 year old at home and do not want to risk staying home. All our friends too have young kids and I dont want to explore the option of staying in someone's house. Has anyone explored the option of taking an apartment or using corporate housing? That way there will be no interraction with maids and I can be in total isolation. 

Appreciate any pointers or suggestions.

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You don't need to go anywhere.  Stay in a bedroom, in your home, put up a babygate in your door frame and have the child's caregiver and your child sleep in a separate bedroom for as long as nuclear medicine advises (probably about 3 - 7 nights).

You don't need to be in "isolation", just keep your distance.  Keep your kisses (bodily fluids) to yourself, hand wash your dishes, prepare only your meals.  You don't need an apartment or corporate housing.

Having been through it, with a young child, I can say it's really no big deal.

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If you prefer distance then maybe you spouse and child could stay in a hotel and you could stay at home.

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