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Blood Test results

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Hey, all,

So I was able to score a look at my blood test into on my insurance website; wanted to get your thoughts on them.  I looked up what the "healthy" range is supposed to be, but I wanted to make sure I knew what I was looking at:

Healthy level from the National Library of Medicine are in parentheses:

Potassium Level: 4.5 MMOL/L (3.7-5.2)

Glucose Level: 83 mg/dl (64-128)

Creatinine Level: 1.2 MG/DL (0.8-1.4)

BUN: 17 MG/DL (7-20)

Sodium Level: 140 MMOL/L (136-144)

That was all I could find on the insurance website.  Although all the levels are considered in the healthy range, I'd like to see the BUN and creatinine a little lower.  Thoughts?

- Jay 

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Being in the normal range for creatine is better than normal for those of us in this club.




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You are nearly smack in the normal range of every category.  That's great.   Your blood is perfect!!

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I agree. Everything is normal. Congrats!

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The result is normal and it's a good sign for your upcoming U.S report.Forough




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Looking good!! Very happy for you!



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