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First Year NED Report

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My husband and I celebrated my first cancer-free year and our fifth anniversary two weeks ago. Although my check up was three days ago, I was sure that the report would be NED.

My hubby and I first met each other five years ago during last week of August, last year when we were preparing ourselves to celebrate it I got the "C" news so you can imagine the rest of the story.....

This year I suggested him to celebrate two wonderful  happennigs at the same time, the successful surgery, health,happiness and our  love.

Now I have the US report which says I'm NED, and the blood work which says my cratinine is 1.0 again and bun is 16. I love it because my cratinine raised to 1.2 and bun was 25 since the surgery.

I love to remmenber two of our beloved members Neil and Djinee who helped me by giving me info and hope. RIP dear friends.

I hope this post can encourage those who have been going through it recently.

And wait for my 40th year of being NED :)

Thank you all


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Forough, your post brought tears to my eyes. I am very happy for your NED news and great bloodwork - and Happy Anniversary!

Your note remembering Djinnie and Neil was very sweet. I think of them often - and am missing them.

Here's to at LEAST 40 more years of NED!




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Congratulations and may you continue hearing the word NED. I also think of DJ and Neil often and I agree that it was very sweet of you to remember them.

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The only problem with 40 years NED is that you start to feel a little older. I will be 99 at 40 years NED. It does beat the alternative though.




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I am so glad I signed on and saw your report. I am so happy for you.  I know you have been through a lot mentally with this and I can hear your upbeat attitude.  You are doing so great and many many more years NED.  


Happy Anniversary. 



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That's good news! Keep on the Ned until 40!! 

Having my one year scan next week and it is my 10th year wedding anniversary. I want 40 years Ned scans too!! ;-)

Have a nice day everyone!

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Very-very happy for you! :-) congratulations with anniversary ! :-)

why only 40 years of NED? Let's aim for 50 ! :-)

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