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So (Not) Nice to Meet You

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Hello to you all

Seems like this club is the obvious example of Groucho Marx's saying about not wanting to belong to a club that will accept me as a member. I wish the universe would accept my resignation, but as that is not going to happen, I will introduce myself.

I'm Maddy, 53, diagnosed with uterine cancer in July. Today I had my post surgery appointment and got that nasty surprise someone else mentioned. The old bait-and-switch routine. Not Stage IA but Stage IIIC.

I've been on the two week system. Don't think about that mountain in front of you, Maddy, concentrate on what you need to do in the next two weeks to cope and battle and thrive with this disease. 

Yes, I said thrive. I'm alive now and I'm not stopping that for treatment. I remember my father on chemo and radiation. It had snowed in New Orleans. Such a precious, rare occassion. I wanted to open the front window curtain so he could see the children play. He refused. He didn't get a second chance. I understand he was too sick to enjoy the sight, but he didn't get a second chance. We might not get a second chance.

So I am coping by doing one thing for my caregiver and one thing for myself every day. Sometimes it's the same thing like a quiet walk holding hands on the beach or laughing together as the cats play. Even if I can't do the most basic things for myself I can say thank you, I love you, and pray for my helpmate. He will need it.

So fellow uterine cancer survivors, it is so (not) nice to meet you.


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So sorry to meet you this way!  You have come to the right place for support. The ladies here are wonderful.

There are many of us that are new to fighting the battle. And, questions are answered honestly and completely.

Your attitude will help carry you through this. You may have some doubt days but they will be over-ridden by the next good day.

Be kind to yourself and take care.

Welcome (darn it!)


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Kathy G.
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Welcome Maddy!

You sure are right about joining a club you never wanted to have to belong to! However, that being said this is the best group of ladies you are ever likely to meet. If you allow them they will be an objective yet caring support system w/more knowledge (in my opinion!) than alot of doctors!

Sorry to hear about the stage iii3c diagnosis. Yet there are many long-term survivors here who have that stage diagnosis or later. I have learned tons here about the disease even though I was blessed with 1a. (I say 'blessed' b/c cancer taught me the value of life & cherishing everyday as well as being thankful for the smallest stuff!)

I have learned tons more about the innate goodness of people here...so many have reached out when they are in the depths of despair themselves.

I believe your attitude will be your best asset. Visit often and let us get to know you!

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So bummed you had to find us but we welcome you and support you in your journey!  I was diagnosed IIIC UPSC in April 2013 originally.  My cancer was originally found through an emergency room visit that turned into a four day hospital stay in February 2013.    At the time I decided no matter what I was going to do I would thrive and live fully.  Which I have done despite some setbacks and a long journey living with active cancer.  I have two friends who had their own diagnosis of breast cancer and ovarian at the same time.  We always sign off our correspondence with SS and T or Stay Strong and Thrive.  Now I have a number of Chemosabes who sign off the same way.  

Be gentle with yourself and open To the whole experience which it sounds like you are already.  I have had many amazing experiences because of my cancer journey and never want to lose sight of that.  

Sending hugs, prayers and SS and T - Anne


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I'm sorry you are here, but glad that you found us.  I also got that post-surgery IIIc diagnosis and I will admit that it hit me hard. However, the women on this board are a wealth of support, inspiration and information. There are long-term survivors here of IIIc and beyond which gives me the hope to be among them, living fully.

So, welcome Maddy.  We are all on this journey together and I can't think of a better group of women to be traveling with.



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 I was diagnosed in Jan '14. My pathology report also came back with stage 3C grade 2. So I  understand what you are going through. BUT after surgery, chemo, radiation - I will be at 1 year NED (no evidence of disease) on Thursday!  I won't say it was easy because it was the hardest year of my life but it is doable. I am thankful for everyday but have to admit I still wonder if/when the recurrance will hit.  I don't post often, but your post led me to share my history.  Live today and tomorrow, worry later.


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BUT- I wish it was under better circumstances. We were all shocked and devastated when we learned that we had uterine cancer. For me, that moment came almost two years ago and I can tell you the horror becomes less so painful. I would never trade what valuable lessons I have learned about life from this experience although I wish I had learned them in a less traumatic way. Never give up hope! Live today-we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I was diagnosed with stage 3a UPSC- a grade 3 cancer. I basically expect to recur at some point but I'll be dam--d if this cancer will rob me of my joy in living today! Each day, each step forward brings you closer to finding peace. I wish this for you, Maddy.



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Thank you all for the welcome and kind thoughts. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions when my chemo starts and now I know where to get truthful, experienced opinions. 

Thank you so much!



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Welcome, I am new here too, although not new to cancer. I stumbled across the board while searching the internet for something.

It seems a nice place to be


Cucu me
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After we get our diagnosis we learn so much and so fast about cancer and this forum is great place to be not to get crazy.

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Hi Maddy,

Your attitude is wonderful. Wishing you continued grace as you move through the challenges of the coming weeks and months.


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