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My tumor was benign

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I just found out my tumor was benign. So I can't call myself a cancer survivor.  im in shock a bit.  If it helps others to know that sometimes these tumors aren't malignant, I can say that happened to me.  I very much appreciate all the support I received from people here.  You are a wonderful group of People.   I wish you all good health and happiness.

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YAAY!! Still you had to go through surgery and recovery.
Are they planning to follow you for awhile? Ever?
Glad to hear some good news!

Warmly, Jan

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Yes, and I am still recovering.  Tomorrow is one week from surgery.  They are going to follow my kidney function.  Apparently benign tumors usually get removed because it is usually cancer and a benign tumor is bad for your kidney. 

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Wow, that's a first I have seen here (not here that long).  Great for you!!

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So happy that you have a positive pathology.  Now you can put this behind you and enjoy your health.  Awesome.

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As the doctor probably told you and I, the tumor has a 90 to 95% chance of being malignant. Heres to you and the other 5 to 10%.  As a consolation prize, you can be an honorary member of our club for life.






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Skagway Jack
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Many congrats to your good fortune.  May you always beat the odds.





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This forum has helped me a lot.  I am grateful, humbled, and overwhelamed by everyone's bravery, humor, and generosity.  the experience of cancer has brought you wisdom, peace, and humor.  Of course, there are less terrifying ways to achieve those things....

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OH yes you are! You went through all the turmoil. Is it your fault youre a winner

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The best news I've ever read on this board, congratulations



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What wonderful news!! It was our pleasure to help you through this, and it gives us even more pleasure to hear it was benign.

Woo hoo!!

Time for that champagne!! (well you better wait a little while til you have fully recovered!)



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I'll bet that's a relief! As iceman said, it does happen in to 10% of cases. I remember having this small glimmer of hope that it turned out to be benign in my case... But the docs were pretty sure what they were looking at and my surgeon wasn't one to sugarcoat. I can totally understand your feeling of shock because by the time the pathology came in, I had pretty much made my peace with cancer. If I had heard it was benign, I'm not sure I would have known what to do. 

Dont think you're not a part of this forum, though, because you went through not only the physical trials with surgery but also mental strife in thinking you had cancer. There are going to be some emotional aftershocks and don't feel out of place coming here to talk about them. 

- Jay

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Best news ever. We love good news. Good for you and now you can get on with your life with no worries. All the best!

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Amazing! A proof that great things do happen, and we should never totally assume worst case scenario until proven otherwise :-)

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I am so happy for you! You have been truly blessed.

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Good news  

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Awesome, so happy for you.

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So very happy for you! Celebrate celebrate celebrate!

                                   Prayers of good health!


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