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Colorectal /colon cancer scholarships

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Hi my dad passed a few years back from colon cancer unfortunately and now it's time for me to go to college... I didn't know if any of you out their knew of scholarships or grants that could possibly help me out. Some key things about me are: I'm going into a business mgmt degree, Im legally an adult, and I start college in Ohio in January ( spring session) 


thank you you for anyone who can help (: it means a lot !

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Hello - sorry about your dad :(

My daughter started her first day of college today!!  So I have done a bit of research and it seems the best bet may be to contact the social worker at the hospital near you to ask about local scholarships set up by families.  I've also looked through these:


We actually qualified for full financial aid, so the scholarships weren't an issue.  Only out of pocket was about $500 in books - kind of wish she applied for a few scholarships but she didn't.

My husband is the head of a volunteer organization that offers a scholarship each year.  This is the second year offering - last year they had 2 applicants, this year 3 applicants.  So don't forget to look around at the small organizations and just apply!  Don't assume someone else will get it - you never know.  Be thorough in your application and make sure to write some personal information as to why you are applying.  There are real people reading these and you would be surprised at what may make you the front runner!  I know they look at the application to see who puts some effort into it, versus the mom or dad that fills it out and attaches a transcript!  j

Have you filled out FAFSA paperwork to see about financial aid?

Good luck to you!

Cathleen Mary
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Hi Jane,

I am so sorry about your Dad. New beginnings are difficult enough.

This summer my niece biked across the country for the Ulman Cancer Fund., 4 K for Cancer. Among other things, it provides scholarships to young people with cancer or those who lost a parent to cancer. I know they gave out several on the way across the country. If you google, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, I believe you will find some helpful info.

Good Luck!  


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