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White Blood Count

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I wonder if anyone can answer this question.

My husband was diagnosed with CLL February 2013. When this horrible journey started, the WBC was 50,000. Mind you, in 2003 it was 20,000 - 30,000. But they did not know it was cancer. They thought it was his Crones Disease -they just thought it was high.


So all that time we could have maybe done something about it. What stinks is that his count never goes down -it's been climbing ever since. They were concerned about 20,000?

Two months ago, it was 151,500. Now we are looking at 191,000.

My husband has been trying to find out how high a person can withstand.

Is there anyone out there that has any idea?


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My dad was diagnosed 6 months ago. His doctor said his blood count was the highest he had ever seen and my dad was hours away from having his spleen rupture and have a heart attack. He thought it was just a kidney stone when he went in. I don't know exactly what it was but I can find out.

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