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Hello Angels 

ive been experiencing some burning and a little blood while urinating. Went to my PC doctor. She had urine test done and wanted to wait and see if infection was present. Well my symptoms got worse so she went ahead and prescribed antibiotics. Well test result said no infection. So I'm a bit concorned about this. i have a call into oncologist. But I am concerned. Did anyone experience any infections after surgery?

panicked nana

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and the first UTI test was for some reason negative. I was put on antibiotics, didnt help, got tested again and now it reacted to some bacteria the first test hadnt shown. Switched to another ab and it was gone. 



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If your symptoms are gone after taking the antibiotics, I don't think you have anything to be worried about.  Stay well hydrated.

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I was just coming on this site to research or ask about uti.  I'm in cipro antibiotics after surgery and now have this feeling like I always have to pee.  It keeps getting worse and worse,  alittle burning too but not to bad.  Guess I'm making a phone call tomorrow to the Drs. Nana hope you feel better soon!

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I have to respectfully disagree that if the symptoms go away after antibiotics there's nothing to worrry about. That's how my RCC was diagnosed. Originally blood in my urine, UTI suspected, put on antibiotics and sure enough it cleared up. Thank god urologist still scheduled CT scan which I almost cancelled thinking hey it was a UTI. It cleared up with the Cipro so why do I need it? I'm glad I kept it because they found my cancer. I'm not saying that's what it is for Nana, and 99 percent chance it's a UTI, I'm just saying never be complacent thinking if antibiotics cleared symptoms you're ok. And it's still possible that there's a little leaking from the original surgical site so I'd definitely get the doc on that.

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My response was specific to Nana.  Her surgery was 2 months ago, and I am assuming she is still under the care of the surgeon.  She also stated that she has a urologic oncologist and a primary care doctor.  I assumed her scans were only two months ago.   So, I still believe that she is doing all that she can do, and if her symptoms go away with the antibiotics then everything will most likely be fine. I'm not saying symptoms should be ignored, and she isn't ignoring them.

I do agree with you that this sneaky cancer usually gets found incidental to something else.  In my own husbands case it was a back ache that wouldn't go away for a couple months.  Still, I remain a believer of the cautious approach and taking treatment in a conservative approach.  His back ache was treated with pain meds, exercise, heat/cold treatments.  It didn't work, so we progressed from there.

If a person had a urinary tract infection, that was intractable, there would be a progression of tests performed.  At least there should be.  Catheterized urine specimens, IVP, cystoscopy, ultrasounds, referral to a urologist, etc..  

Hope you are feeling better Nana.  

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I do understand that you were talking about Nana specifically, which is why I included in my post that what I said most likely doesn’t apply to Nana and it’s 99 percent chance hers is a UTI. But a lot of people read on these forums without posting and I just didn’t want someone reading a thread titled “UTI” to think that as long as their antibiotics cleared up the blood in their urine they’re fine. Not disagreeing with you :) 

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My first episode was on the night of my 50th birthday. I had gone out with friends and had (uncharacteristically) way too much to drink. One of the drinks was a red velvet martini. Well, I had urine that was very red during the night but it went away the next day. By the time I got to the doctor a week later, they just shrugged and said maybe it was the drink (urinalysis was negative for blood by then). Jump forward a year, and I was peeing like red koolaid for a day or two. No fever or other symptoms. Doctor ordered a urinalysis and put me on antibiotics (blood was normal) for a UTI (after several questions in particular asking if I was sure I hadn't had sex with any strangers while looking at me like she thought I might not be telling the truth, or maybe forgot). Then a day later I got terrible pain on my side. I thought I had a kidney stone, because it felt like it. I called my uncle (an oncologist) and had him convinced it was a kidney stone.

Thank goodness the ER doc (a man in his 70's) decided to do that CT scan "just in case". I had almost talked him into the kidney stone idea. Turns out the pain was from blood clots passing which feels very similar to a stone passing.

2 weeks later I got a letter from the first doctor saying the test for the UTI was negative and I should see a urologist. Of course by then I had been diagnosed as probably cancer and scheduled for surgery.

I'd follow up with the doctors. Maybe see your surgeon first since surgery was so recently. Did you have a radical or partial?

Best to you,


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