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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Hello everyone,

I'm happy to report NED for my partner's 6 month check-up! :-) Ultrasound and chest x-ray are clear!!! 

He has finished Hep C treatment about 2 weeks ago, we are still waiting for blood test results to see if virus was eliminated. But honestly, I'm not so worried about it compared to kidney related scanxiety. Time for champagne in our place as well.

Jay, my partner's pathology is almost the same as yours, so I'm sure you'll get NED on 18SEP after this bitchy waiting...



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That's wonderful. Break out that champagne :)

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Awesome news!  Congratulations.

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Wonderful.  Celebrate this weekend.

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Great news! I am sure we have many years of hanging out with Uncle NED. Thanks for thinking of me :-)

- Jay

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Skagway Jack
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Congrats!  Great news.

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Happy for you!  Thank God!

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Thank you all very much! Some of you already have recent NEDs, others with approaching scans/results - wish you the same! :-)

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Congratulations, and thanks for bringing us such a great news, enjoy NED report.

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