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Back to school o help

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Hi all, newly diagnosed w parotid gland adenocarcinoma and PET scan shows lung cancer. Wedge resection scheduled for sept 8th.  Radiation and chemo to follow.Haven't told work yet, public school music teacher, private type of person. Don't know how long  I will need to be out of school. Don't know what or how much to say to principals, fellow teachers, students... Your thoughts, advice, expertise?

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Much will depend on how you want to field questions.  Many will assume you were a smoker and did it to yourself.  If you didnt smoke and want to help remove the stigma, be up front about it.  Teach them that non smokers get lung cancer and that noone deserves cancer- smoker or not.  

If you are not comfortable with that they don't need to know.  I would talk to one or two who can be trusted.  Do ask about an extended leave of absense, short term disability.  

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