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upper right lobectomy

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Hello everyone i was diagnosed with class 1a lung cancer and had an upper right lobectomy there was no sign of abnormal growth in the nodes so the surgeon said he believed they got it right at the start so no chemo or radiation is necessary my question is how long is the average heal time and does the shortness of breath ever go away?. Right now I walk about 30 minutes or at least try to hit 30 mins. My surgery was done on the 17th of august it started as a biopsy and when it tested positive he took the upper right lobe of my lung came home from the hospital today. But now i find even having conversations with friends coming to visit very tiring is there a site that teaches breathing exercises to help strengthen your breathing while healing my email address is pvtjohns@gmail.com thank for any advice you can give to help me

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If you're walking 30 mins a day already, you are doing well.  Recovery can take 6 weeks or 6 months depending on your bodies ability to heal.  Please know that even if this was done using a VATS surgery your body has been through a major trauma.   Healing will not be instantaneous.  

 These exercises will help rebuild your lung capacity.  Consult with your surgeon first.  


  In the course of my survivorship I've had the pleasure of meeting people with stage 3 & 4 lung cancers who snorkel, scuba, run 5k and marathons.  One friend climbs 80 some stories every year to raise money for research.  

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Hello, I had my lower right lobe removed via vats after the biopsy in the OR confirmed it was cancer, no lymph node involvement, so like you no radiation or chemo.  That was 9-23-10 next month will be 5 years and I am very well. 

It took me a while to gain stamina and I returned to work after a month.  I had breathing issues as well but did the breathing exercises and that helps.  It took a good year for me to feel totally better, but I had undergone tx for anal cancer the year before with radiation and chemo so I think thats why it took longer.  I also was a 35 year smoker until 5-4-09 and quit before the anal cancer tx.  I have mild copd.

Just keep walking like you are and do the breathing excercises that sounds really good and eventually you will get better day by day.  I wish you well. Lori  Cool


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I think you are doing incredibly well to be walking 30 minutes so soon after surgery.  I was diagnosed with stage 1B lung cancer and had a wedge resection of my left lung June 26th, 2015.  I am able to walk and exercise, but still do get short of breath with more vigorous exercise.  I think you will find you steadily improve.  It is major surgery and recovery can take time.

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