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Nexavar (Sorafenib) for RAF mutation please help

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I need to know how good is Nexavar (Sorafenib) at targeting RAF1 mutation, I ask this because Mom used Foundation One, have this mutation, and one of three Targeted Therapies recommended is Sorafenib, the other two being Regorafenib and Trametinib



The mutation is related to cell division pathway called the MAPK path: MAPK>RAS>RAF>MEK>CCNE1




Also, how to avoid as much as we can nausea? and if you can tell the most frequent side effects in practise and ways to avoid them



Primary cancer is unknown mucinous adenocarcinoma but Sorafenib is recommended, people use it on this forum, that's why the question here




Many thanks in advance for any help


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Hello, sorry about your mom.  I am not sure about your question, however, please go to www.smartpatients.com. Join and post your questions there, they have lots of I formation about most everything.  All the best!

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Just subscribed there, trying to see which is the main forum to ask the question, if you can suggest one let me know

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