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Chemo #24

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Lou Ann M
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Joined: Feb 2015

Chemo #24 yesterday and Nuelasta shot today.  3 years ago this week i heard that dreadful word "cancer" and got on this crazy roller coaster ride.  I thought I had ruined our life in every way, but it has turned out to be quite the opposite.  I have found out how much my husband, children and friends love me.  i have discovered how wonderful the doctors and nurses are that take care of me.  i ahve found out how stong i really am.  my marriage is stonger than ever.  God has blessed me in many ways.

In the beginning i was afraid of everything and nothing has been as bad as I had imagined.  It has not been easy, but I have more good days than bad.  I have days that i feel miserable and am discouraged, but then the the roller coasted heads up the hill and I see how truely blessed I am.  I will be on chemo for the rest of my life, but that is Ok because life is good and I plan to enjoy as much of it as I can.  Hugs and prayers to all, Lou Ann

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I have lost count but am I think at 26 or 27 like you!  I have learned so much about love and am so grateful to have experienced all of this from friends, family, strangers while on this journey.  Things that I may have taken for granted or overlooked in the past.  

I too will be in treatment for the rest of my, long, long life.  And I am fine with that.  My goal is living with cancer and living fully.  Stuart Scott's speech when he accepted the Jimmy V award resonated with me and I watch it on days that I need a boost.  I have had many amazing experiences because of my cancer that I never would have had and for that I am grateful.

hugs and prayers for you - Anne

Cucu me
Posts: 214
Joined: Apr 2015

You are such a great example for me.I'm having my 4th chemo on Friday and I'm scared more than before.

You are brave, wishing you to stay that way!

Posts: 364
Joined: Mar 2013

It is scary but mentally the first three (out of six) were the roughest!  We made plans for the weekend before the next treatment to give me something to look forward to and help pass the time.  That was usually the best energy weekend I had.  We still do this; even something as simple as going to a friends house for dinner.  Keep hydrating and if you can, walking or getting out. 

Keeping you in my prayers and sending hugs - Anne

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Kathy G.
Posts: 235
Joined: Dec 2012

Hi Lou Ann!

You are truly a warrior, and your attitude is amazing. So great for newcomers to come here and read...that this disease...no matter how scary...is manageable.

I had quite a different experience, but with the same outcomes in terms of the positives cancer helped create in my life. I was diagnosed very early 1a-grade 1. I had the hysterectomy and required gyno-oncologist appointments at regular intervals. I am 3.5 years out.

However, being diagnosed did scare me and cancer did change my perspective in life. The outpouring of love from my family during my diagnosis & surgery period reinforced what is important to me in life. I wanted to spend time with my wonderful husband, daughters & other supportive relatives having fun and making memories. I 'retired' after 25 years last year at 57. We are not rich by any means, but the financial struggle cannot steal my joy of doing what I want with who I want everyday. I often think about if what many hospice nurses have said their patients talk about on their deathbeds....not that they wish they made more money, but that they had made more time for family and to do things they enjoy.

Cancer gave me countless gifts...my faith in God and goodness returned, I learned I possessed more strength & bravery than I ever thought & I am now more willing to forgive and forget as well as stop the people pleasing so I can take care of myself. Yes, I got off VERY easy in comparison to what you warriors have gone thru, but cancer is cancer and we share many of the same fears.

Be proud of your strength and resilience in undergoing SO MANY chemo treatments and celebrate your survival and your good fortune of having a husband & children who love & support you. I truly wish you the best!

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Joined: Jun 2015

Both of you are incredible role models for us. Thanks for sharing your stories and offering up positive approaches to life. We all have our ups and downs with this beast and it is so nice to have people here to lift us up when we need the help. You are appreciated more than words can say. Love, Cindi

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