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Study confirms coffee helps ALOT with colon cancer

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Amazing results from 8500 people in the study.  Also helps with a couple other types of cancer .   I quit drinking coffee recently cause i wanted whiter teeth, but , im going to make Starbucks my regular stop again.    Coffee must be the regular type and not decaf.  

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   I have not been drinking as much coffee after my diagnosis, surgery and chemo.   May need to revist that Laughing

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I've never been a coffee drinker because it gives me the runs. Is there an irony there?

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Coffee can have health benefits but it also has major drawbacks. It won't get me to drink it, 'cause I can't stand the smell, let alone the taste. 


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When younger I used to take sugar with my coffee.  Now I drink it as it comes from the pot!  Back in the days when I worked, I drank coffee all day long.  Now I only tend to have it in the morrning.  Irish whiskey rather than coffee in the evening now! LOL


   Enjoy one and all!

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but had to cut down to 1 cup a day due to acid reflux. It's amazing how one week something is good for you and the next week a study comes out where something is bad for you. I guess everything in moderation.

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One Starbucks Espresso Macchiato tumor, please?

Conclusions In accordance with earlier reviews, we found that coffee consumption increases the risk of urinary tract cancer by approximately 20%. The consumption of tea seems not to be related to an increased risk of urinary tract cancer.



A study reported in the Oct. 18, 2008 issue of the "Archives of Internal Medicine" found an increased risk for developing breast cancer among women with benign breast disease who drank four or more cups of coffee each day.



Some of these threads can be good for a morning laugh…..

"Be well; be educated".


Best wishes to all.


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Particularly if you are male, stay away from that soy latte. First, the other guys should and will make fun of you. Second, soy has been linked to prostate cancer. I just throw stuff in the blender. Sometimes it actually tastes good. If could only remember what I put in those times. 

I'm too lazy to keep track or I'd look up the nutritional content, too.


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Funny, I had never been a coffee drinker. I hated the stuff. Then I came home after my first colon surgery and couldn't get enough of the stuff. I have been off caffeine for 6 or 7 years so I drink the decaf stuff. But I just found it interesting that I went from never drinking it and then at 58 I have colon surgery and couldn't get enough. Now I drink probably 4-5 cups a day of the decaf with a bit of low fat coconut milk. 


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I read everything I could get my hands on about the study linked here. I think the most important aspect of this for us is that it was a study of the frequency of recurrence and not about the cause of the original cancer. The authors of the study are very careful to explain that they have not looked into why there is a strong link between drinking at least 3-4 cups of regular coffee daily and reduced recurrence of colon cancer, but the correlation is pretty strong. A friend who is a biochemist in cancer research speculated that it could have something to do with the fact that coffee can increase the rate of peristalsis (the contraction and relation of the muscles that move food down the digestive tract), but it's only a guess.

For what it's worth, I switched from decaf back to regular after reading this study. I'll take any help I can get.

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I am going to add it all back. I am a coffee drinker and for some reason after the surgery did not drink as much.  Before this I would usually brew 2-3 mugs in the morning, often when I was not fully awake even Laughing  I just drink it black, no suger or milk.  

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I've been drinking coffee (several cups a day) since I'm about 15.  (62 now.)  It didn't stop me from getting Colon Cancer, but then again, I was raised on hot dogs, bacon, bologna, SPAM, ham and many other kinds of processed meats.   (Did you see that in the news recently? about how processed meats cause Colon Cancer?) Sheesh.

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Hi everyone, I have been battling stage4 colon for 9 years now.  I want to make it clear (take this with a grain of salt) as I'm just speaking for myself-- and I'm not suggesting anyone should do this.  I think one of of the powerful (natural remedies) in the diet against colon cancer is coffee.  I am on the extreme end of the spectrum and drink an entire pot (probably 8 cups) first thing in the morning.  I sometimes combine this with some vitamin C tablets-- and it pretty much just works as a heavy laxative and the stuff goes quickly through my system.  I still have not had cancer go to my liver, so its possible this is part of the reason.  I typically mix the coffee with just a bit of almond milk.  At a minimum, I am confident to say that coffee works as a mild pain reliever for me, and when I'm sick with chemo it helps flush chemo out of my system, and allows me to get some exercise even when I'm very ill, due to the caffeine high.  Again, I don't want anyone to follow my advice, (that would be sort of crazy), we are all different, in different states of health, etc., but for me it is part of my anti-cancer regimen.      

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I've had three cups today. I'm a big coffee drinker and take it black. I used to get cream and sugar before I dumped sugar ten years ago. I find that coffee helps with bag output when it's too liquidy.


Free coffee in the office helps. I usually bring home 12 ounces in a vacuum stainless steel container home for working at home through the late afternoon.

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Got the Keurig in the bedroom/office, pick a pod, pop it in, easy peasy. After the second cup, if I don't get moving, I'll get mean, so 2's my limit. The rest of the day is iced tea......................Dave

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I was thinking of ordering a box of K-Cups for Dunkin (my favorite coffee) but I was wondering if it was the same as the stuff in the store. The problem with K-Cups is the limitation on the amount of coffee in one of them. I suppose I should just order a box and find out. I dont' have a coffee machine at home but we have them at the office.

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