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Cancer treatment with Hemlock (poisoning herb) - has anyone tried to share results, I need advice

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Hi Everyone,

I am new in this group, but I need really urgent advice to help to my monther. She has been diagnosed with lung cancer in late stage and now as she feels really weak, she has decided not to make all the chemo-procedures. Instead, she has decided to count on nature and alternative methods. We have read about the poisoning herb Hemlock, that it has halped to defeat cancer. But has anyone here some experiece to share? Please, give us some information, if someone of you or your relatives has tried this method and whether it has helped?


Thank you in advance a lot!

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Info about use from WebMD.  


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Thank you Dennycee for the information. Actually, we have read in Russian sites and books that this poisoning plant has healed cancer diagnosed persons, when taken into some special doses. Doses are increased and still, giving good results. However, what is neede to be understood is from person who actually has made such treatment and the final results - a real person who has been healed or is currently healing using such herb as alternative treatment. My mother has started the treatment with this herb and now she feels better than at the beginning, still there are some drop down from time to time and we want to contact some person who is into the same sitaution and to receive some advice.

So still, we have read tones of information in internet, in books... but what we really need is some advices from real persons who suffer/ have suffered from this decease... We need some advices for alternative treatment, since my mother is really in not so strong body condition to go through chemotherapy.... Now she has body temperature each day going up to 37.5 degrees. And she is caughing. We want to stop the process at first by defeating the caughing ... we are trying to find some solutions via alternative methods which to stimulate her immune system and the whole body to get stronger.

I know that for many persons here, this would sound strange... but for us, this is all based on so many readings, and so many thinking... to understand what is the best...

Still, I really hope that somebody would share experience if he/ she has felt better from some kind of natural treatment - herbs, mushrooms, even toxic chemicals or poisioning plants which are taken into special doses so that to kill cancerous cells....


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Hello Everyone.  I am new to site do forgive me if I don't follow standard rules or etiquette.a.  The herbal "poisoning"  seems severe but I don't know as have not researched it,however, God put upon th the Earth all herbs, etcetera to be used as food "medicine" for man.  urrently I am looking and using hemp oil. I was diagnosed with NSCLC 10-2014 and am in remission.  I was scheduled for surgery to remove tumor from LUL but after6 weeks chemo and radiation there was nothing to remove "TY God for the healing". Where are you in your battle?  Caring for you, Pam


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Hi Dear Pam :)

I am very happy for you and that currently you are healed, as far as I understand :)

We are fighting for my mother's life every day, as she was diagnosed several months ago. As she has decided that chemoteraphy is not the right decision for her, being very weak at the beginning, we have decided to count on nature and herbs. So I am really happy that you have answered to my post. Really happy and seeing some hope that finally I can communicate with someone who is even the better - in recession! This gives us a lot of hope :) (sun) even now we are sitting together with my mother and reading your words and discussing :)

I want to ask for more details if possible for this hemp oil, which you use for healing -> can you tell us some trade mark (product name) or give us some online site referrence, in order to see how to purchase (and from where) and to know that this product is used and helps to you, maybe to purchase and my mother to start using exactly the same product? So please, tell me some name for which to look for to buy? Also can you, please, be so kind to tell me how exactly do you use this healing product - is it per drops and how many times per day, and what quantity do you take each time in the day? For how long have you taken this hemp oil and how do you feel after taking it?

I would like to ask you, whether you take also other herbs which are helping you to feel better. My mother is caughing and having temperature every day which we control by medicines, which are not specially for  cancer, but help her to lower temperature and via some teas she is also smoothing the caughing.

Please, write me back some answer and some advices! Any kind of advice is well accepted and gives us real happiness that there is mutual human care :)

Please, I also would like to ask everyone who would like to give us his/ her advice and to tell us some methods of treatment - to feel free and to write me back! We are in late stage of cancer but we are really fighting and I really have hope and believe in God that my mother will be cured for sure (sun)


Always being positive: Svetlana :)


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This is fact that herbs are used for curing diseases as our ancestors used it but in specific manner means every herb has different ways to use like few of them are used lonely and few of them are used as a mixture of others. So, this thing can be described deeply by a doctor or ayurvedic. If you use this herb as you have mentioned above that its a poison. So, first you should read about it in detail or contact to an ayurvedic. Doctors can better understand you about using Poisoning herbs or can read about it at desiherbal.info Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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