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Partial nephrectomy, creatinine, diet in recovery

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I have a partial nephrectomy scheduled August 25 for a tumor that is about 2.8 cm on my right kidney.  My doctor's PA went over some risks today and said my creatinine level might stay high after surgery.  Did anyone else experience this?  Did you go a a special diet that is easier on the kidneys? 


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A high Creatine level goes with the territory after a neph. Mine has been high for the last 13 years since my neph. Partials were not an option 13 years ago. Generally watch your weight ad stay away from foods which can make you diabetic. There is however one thing I want you do do which raises your creatine level a little bit each year on its own. Grow older.




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Thanks Iceman!  Growing older is definitely my plan.


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I agree that growing older is a good idea! Smile

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It's very to predict. My husband for example has a creatinine within normal range for a man his age with BOTH kidneys. 

Depending on any underlying medical issues that are non-related to cancer, it's possible to have no issues at all. 


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THe best way to help creatinine is a balanced diet and lots of water. When my Creatinine was high post surgery, I was asked if I was drinking a lot of water, I said "yes" but was surprised at the amount they truly wanted me to drink daily. Ask your doctor for a specific amount that you should drink per day. I now drink at least 3 liters per day. My creatinine stays in the 1.2 to 1.35 range depending on my sutent cycle timing.

good luck with surgery!

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Thank you iceman, Blair, and darron!

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Skagway Jack
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Denise,  My creatine stayed high for about a year.....1.6-1.8   my most recent check it came down to 1.3 after a year away (completion of year 2) from scans and doctors. My GFR also improved over the last year.    Good luck



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Please let us know you are OK.  Strangely enough, my creatinine came back down to 1.0 after my surgery - it had been running high for 2 years. 

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