aa3, frontal lobe

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my mom was just given pathology on her tumor that was resected. she has 98 percent taken out. will follow up with radiationa nd chemo. im so scared. does anyone have any positive stories on surviving aa3? r we lucky we got 98% of it? she has no deficits and no symptoms... i luv my mom she is my best friend i cant lose her.


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    AA3 survival

    First of all, there are plenty stories of people surviving AA3. I myself has been living with a  resected and treated one since August 2013. There is hope.  What is hard for me to deal with  is that nobody story is exactly the same. I definitely gained a lot of hope  by reading the positive stories which exist on this board, but they're also sad stories on this board.   I wish I could give you things that helped me get to the two-year mark, strategies or something that I did that got me to two years, but unfortunately this stupid cancer is rather unpredictable.  I put a lot of my faith and trust in God and I did everything the doctors told me to do.  I pray every night to never have a recurrence of this cancer, and I also pray for better treatments, and I know that there are plenty of other people out there praying for me. I've gone through the treatments,  and at this point I am living my life while being monitored every 2 to 3 months.  That is the best I can tell you from my perspective, but remember there are plenty of really awesome stories on this site, but some of them are hidden within stories of true struggle.   The most helpful thing I can say to you is that I'll pray for you and your mother!  She's doing awesome it sounds like by having no deficits!  I myself will probably forever have a weak right arm and hand,  but that is OK because the cancer is gone!