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low haemoglobin anyone had similar?

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Hi Cancer fighters

10 months after rad. neph and grade 4 cancer my blood/haemaglobin count has been dropping. Scans show that I have 2 mets and enlarged lymph node in my lungs and I should get on a clinincal trial soon. However They gave me a bag of blood the other day and I asked the Dr. if it could be anywhere else. He said the scans said NOT. I asked why the RBC's are low and he said kidney cancer can do that.

After the neph. my count was 139 and the other day it was 86. I just wondered did anyone else have similar or is this due to cancer in my bone marrow.


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I was sent by my onc to an endocrinologist  who told me I now have the hormones of a post-menopausal woman!


Bit of a shock actually.

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COS.....wait for it !!!


YEP .......your a Hammers Fan!!!!.....   thats where it was bred into you mate...years of disappointment...so youve always got to look on the bright side.

Golden years in the 60's Bobby Hursty and Peters......the perfect trilogy that took us to the WC in 1966...those were the days mate !! How you keeping mate?

I tend not to post too much 'cos I try not to live it every day....ignorance is bliss in a way I guess. And the missus doesn't like me to either.


However times are a changin' for me stomper growing nodes in my lungs and now a 1.8cm lymph node means ..the Onc's have actually decided to do something...I'm on the Clinical Trial Checkmate 214 Nivo/Ipili vs Sutent starting next tuesday guv.

Dont know what Arm I am getting but hoping for Nivo/Ipili....could be trading diaharrea discussions withyou soon. Thats me done...hows it going?




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So sorry to hear about the changes. But hopinig your trial drugs will give you optimum results. One thing for sure, you and Stomps don't need to take a funny pill!

Keep up the good work, you two.



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Yes. About 2 months after my partial nephrectomy my hemoglobin count dropped to 6. Normal is 12 - 13. So I too had to have blood transfusion. I also had  iron infusions for a week and am still taking 45 mg of iron pills every two days. My doctor explained that our kidney releases a hormone (called EPO) that promotes red blood cell production in our bone marrow so those of us without a kidney or part of a kidney are probably more prone to anemia because of this.

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I have been anemic almost all my life but it got better after menopause.  Before my surgery it was limit, 10 something If I remember well.  Since I had bleeding complications after my partial, I got blood transfusions twice in the hospital and also an iron transfusion. That was September last year.  Now Im borderline anemic again and am actually taking iron pills for 21 days.  Doctors don't seem specially concerned.

Are you being treated for this?  Wishing you all the best 

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yet Marosa other than a bag of blood to bring up my levels, but my Onc. reckons its the RCC that does this to your body. Thankyou for your input


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That really does help. My worry of course is due to bone mets. But Onc. thinks not Cool


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The best test for this is a nuclear bone scan. It will pick up what might be missed on CT scans.

I had a few "questionable" spots when I was first diagnosed, and this is the test my doc ordered to rule out bone mets.


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