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Is this normal?

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I am six weeks post op from left nephrectomy (5.2 RCC mass contained in kidney with clear margins)on Monday. I am having more discomfort ( not pain) now then I had after the first couple weeks. Just a bit of aching where the kidney was. No other problems, is this just the normal progression in healing? Feels like I would after a strenuous workout, a bit of pulling. I've never had surgery before this madness was thrown on me like a freight train. On a better note, my anxiety has calmed down a ton. I still feel on edge but the full on anxiety and crying everyday is gone. I took the advice some of you gave me and am trying to find the positives in this rather than dwell on the what ifs and be consumed with worry. I guess my prognosis is good from all I've been told so I am choosing to be thankful for the incidental finding. Thank you all for your words of wisdom, you have no idea how helpful you all have been.


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You just had major abdominal surgery. This discomfort 6 weeks down the road is to be expected. Having said that do raise your concerns to your doctors  to make sure that there is not a concern which needs to be addressed.






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Skagway Jack
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It gets better, but you will not forget it.  I am almost two years post nephrectomy and i have no pain or discomfort but occasionaly I do feel the suture.  When I work out my core I can tell that i still dont have full strength.  I would say that it results in a new normal.  At least most of the time I cant tell if my aches and pains are from getting older or from my surgery.   Hang in there, 6 weeks things are still pretty raw.Best of luck.

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I had an open partial on July 10, 2014.  I had discomfort and pain on the side of my surgery for a couple of months after.  Then, six months after when I was trying to get back into an excercise routine, I had terrible back pain.  I don't know if it was related, but I do know that my core muscles on one side were cut, moved around , and the body needs time to heal.  Have not had any pain since January.  However, every now and then, I do feel tenderness at the scar site. 

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Thank you fellas for the words of wisdom! Much appreciated!


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