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Sorry I've been gone for a while. I've  been going out full speed trying to make up for last Summer with the kids. I noticed a small bugle right, smach dab in the middle on my incision. It looks like a text book example of an incisional hernia. I did have 3 surgeries in 3mths using the same incision and I'll admit I did rush back to Mom mode. My appt is Monday, but curious if anyone has been down this road. I know the only fix is surgery - trying to see how taxing its going to be. My daughter doesn't sit down for a second and my husband's job has intensified over the last year so this could prove problematic. Any thoughts are welcome.

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Almost a year and a half out I still have a small "bulge" by the incision site. I call it a little sausage roll, lol. It's much smaller than it was so I think it's slowly going away. Yours may too but if it's not causing you any issues would you and your doctor find it necessary to repair it?

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I had one after the surgery to whch the Dr said 'Oh its probably just a Hernia, it will probably go away.and it did

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Incisional Hernia:

I had one after two surgeries within a month using the same incisional line.   It ended up being huge.   I was really lopsided and had to roll on my side to sit up.   My doctor didn't want to fix it as it was not interferring with anything at the time.  However, when I had a recurrence, I asked if they could do the hernia surgery too.   They did.   However, due to the size, my gyne/onc had to call in the GI team of doctors who fixed it up.   I felt like I had a tummy tuck!

By the way, I had the hernia for almost 5 years.

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I guess I should leave it alone. My doc isn't quick to jump into anything, but he said he'll take a look Monday to be sure it hasn't grown much. its still very small. Only started to pop out into a ball shape within that last week. He's theory is that it was bound to happen since all 3 docs used the same area. You guys are always the best. Thanks for helping me out. Kaleena - 5 years. Wowzer

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