Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Hi everybody,

My name is Natasha, and my boyfriend's father just got digaosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.  He is an extremely healthy man and very active.  Just these past couple months, he started to slow down and began losing a lot of weight.  He always had stomach problems with digestion and etc.  but never went to get an endoscopy or colonoscopy.  He finally went in for scans, and they noticed a mass in his stomach. He went and got his first the endoscopy and colonoscopy at 58, and the doctor establsihed it was stage 4 cancer.  

It was the hardest thing to hear, and my heart fell into my stomach.  I become angry because I felt if he had gotten it checked out earlier, they could have caught the problem at an earlier stage.  

I am trying to be as positive and realistic for my boyfriend as I can.  Is there anything else I could do other than what I am doing now?  

Also, for stage 4 cancer, is it definiley terminal?  I know the cancer is in the stomach and has spread very little to the liver.  He has begun chemo once every 2 weeks, for 4 times.  And then the doctor suggested performing a CT scan to see the development of the cancer.  There are no dates proposed from the physicians yet.  

Thank you so much for your time everyone, just needed to talk about this situation.