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Outpatient IL2

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Joined: Jul 2015

Has anyone taken or done the IL2 outpatient therapy. If how was your response or any info please. Thanks Regina

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I've heard of it in the past. Since il-2 is so toxic, it is at a very low dose when done at home. The regular dosing needs to be in intensive care type setting. If you are going to do it, do it as an in patient. Mean treatment but worth the shot. I got 18 months of no other treatment after Il-2

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You need 24 hr care for several days. It cant be done as an OP

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I had read some time ago that attempts at low done was not successful, but that was a ling time ago....did the doctor indicate that this is a new twist to the treatment?

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Joined: Jul 2015

No, I just read it somewhere. Was wondering if had done it. Thanks

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