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Changes in CT Scans

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I have not been to the doctor yet, but I feel i got a relativity good scan report from last Friday.


The issue is things they say are stabe or unchanged have never been on my scans reports before. Does anyone else have this issue?

For example:

5/8/2105 scan: The gallbladder, left adrenal, and left kidney have a normal contrast
enhancement pattern

8/7/2015 scan: An indeterminate 1 cm low-density left adrenal nodule is stable.



Age 50

1/29/2015, right Kideny removed, Mets in my lungs(Stable).

No treatment, yet.


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It seems like this particular radiologist looked at your PRIOR SCANS and decided to mentione it where the last radiologist decided NOT to mention it. 

I would def call your doctor and have a discussion of what is going on. 

I say this because I have noticed that it can be hard to understand when different comments are made each time even when there is no mets present (for example in my husband's case things get mentioned or not mentioned every time regarding unrelated to kidney cancer but it can be hard to sepearate out the lingo). 

They can pick and chose what they consider "relevant" to put into the reports. But this is a question for your doctor, for sure. 


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as Sblairc writes. This on and off description of findings that are considered benign. I have seen it constantly in my own scans for 5 years. Ask your doc, but I wouldnt worry at all. Anything suspicious found will always be highlighted in a very clear way. 


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For clarification. They are usually very happy to help

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