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Clear cell renal carcinoma

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Had surgery one week ago.  They found some spots on my lungs.  Not sure what kind of chemo treatment I will be having but doctor said that this type of cancer has the most success rate of others.  Would like to hear from others with this form of cancer and what type of chemo was used on them.  I am stage 4 so I am really afraid of how much time I have left.  Would like to hear about others and how long they have ben NED



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Kathy, what was the surgery a week ago?  There are plenty of meds out there for use.  Different types.  Can you sign up with www.smartpatients.com and share your story?  There are a lot of experienced people there that will advise. My mom was stage four and has been on votrient for 2 1/3 years. Her last scan was clear.  Hoping her new scan is as well.  Hugs.

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Hi.  I had my left kidney removed and my stage is T3NOM1.  The doctor makes it sound like I will have to take chemo pills for 3 weeks and off for 2 and on for 2.  They have to make sure it is not in my bones or my brain.  I am so afraid.Thanks for the web site.  I will try that one and see if I can get any info.  Thanks, Kathy

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Hi Kathy, I had surgery to remove 9.8cm tumour with my right kidney in May 2014, I started pazopanib (votrient) in September 2014 and have been on it at 800mg per day, they did discuss sutent but decided that pazopanib was the better option for me, I have had the usual side effects of nausea, diahorrea, headache, white hair, blood pressure went sky high (sorted now) tiredness and tender hands/feet. I haven't been ned but I am stable at the moment, I am also stage 4 and have multiple metastasis in both lungs. I try not to think about how much time I have left and I have decided that I WILL NOT be leaving my kids (youngest now 9). I was given a prognosis in September when I saw my oncologist but as loads of people will tell you, these prognosis are based on old statistics and there are loads of people on here living 5 10 15 etc years later.

Take care of yourself and good luck with your treatment

Love angela x

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