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Anxiety before results

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tomorrow my mum's 4 month scan results come out. The anxiety is getting to me. Haven't been able to sleep or do anything. It is nerve wrecking. Last time we saw the doctors the pet scan lit up her lungs like anything. we were told that she has about 12 months. they can't fix her and we should make the most of our time with her. i am hoping for a miracle that brings us good news tomorrow. 

i have read so many posts about this pre-results anxiety. No matter how much you prepare yourself its extremely nerve-wrecking as you get closer to the moment. I spoke to my mum today. I could read the anxiety in her voice while she was trying to sound brave. It is so heart breaking! I soooo hope she has many more decades of happy and healthy life ahead of her!

sorry for posting this message as it has no value to anyone else. this forum has been such an amazing source of strength for last 4 months that I wanted to share this. without this forum I felt so alone!

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Your message does have value for the very reason that it's what keeps us from feeling alone.  Since I finished chemo 3 years ago, there has been no one to talk to who has been in the same boat except the ladies here. My family and friends are kind but I don't want to burden them with my fears.  They truly believe I'm cured.  From the ladies here, I know it can sneak back when we least expect it.


i hope your mom's scan is at least stable.  One things for sure, nothing in life and medicine is cut and dried, so don't give up hope and continue to cherish every day.

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