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Got mri results back

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I'm in the process of getting all my tests in order before surgry although I have yet to pick a surgeon it's such a big decision.  My mass is a complex enhancing mass multicustic/multiseptated appreence thick peripheral wall and septa... My spleen in also enlarging. Is that common?  Can anyone make since of this for me. Thanks for the help.

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Your exact diagnosis is above my paygrade. Complex cysys are complicated.


However small is good ( I assume it didn't grow since your last post).





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Thanks for giving it a try.  No it hasn't grown.  I'll see what the dr says tomorrow when he gets the report.  

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To find the definitions of each of the terms.  Individually and together with other parts of the DX.  Don't use just one definition.  And watch out that the advertising doesn't "getcha."

Meanwhile, sorry about the Dx.  It is a mouthful to pronounce and remember.  Hope the report comes back with some useful info.


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