10 yr. odds

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    Here's the title of the paper (Thanks nepol)

    Clinical characteristics and quality-of-life in patients surviving a decade of prostate cancer with bone metastases

    In all, 40 (4.4%) of the 915 men survived for >10 years. Factors significantly associated with increased likelihood of surviving for >10 years in the univariate analyses were: absence of cancer-related pain; Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status of <2; negligible analgesic consumption; T-category of 1–2; prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level of <231 μg/L; and a Soloway score of 1. In the multivariate analyses, ECOG performance status of <2, PSA level of <231 μg/L, and Soloway score of 1, were all independent predictors of long-term survival. All subscales of the EORTC-C30 were higher in this group than for patients with short survival, but slowly declined over the decade.


    A subgroup of patients with prostate cancer with M1b disease and certain characteristics showed a positive long-term response to androgen-deprivation therapy with an acceptable QoL over a decade or more. Independent predictors of long-term survival were identified as ECOG performance status of <2, limited extent of bone metastases (Soloway score of 1), and a PSA level of <231 μg/L at the time of enrolment.