Recent CT scan show multiple blilateral subpleural nodular densities

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I recently completed a Lung CT scan which revealed the following nodules: right apex at 5 mm nodule, right middle lobe with a 2 & 3 mm nodules, right lower lobe with 6 mm nodule, and a left costophrenic 4 mm nodular opacity.  I did see a oncology thoracic surgeon, he at this time doesn't seem concered, he wants to repeat the CT scan in 6 months related to my "risks".  I have an appointed with a Pulmonologiest in about 2 months.  

I am a 49 year old white male, former smoker (smoke free for 6 yrs) with a 36 pack/year history.  Otherwise, besides osteoarthrities, I appear to be healthy.  My father passed away at age 57 from lung cancer in 1997 after smoking most of his life.

Obviously I'm concerned, and 6 months seems like such a long time.  Because of my past histroy of smoking and familial cancer I'm thinking the worst, which I know is not healthy at this time since it's so early and most of the noduels are very small.  Anyone have any similar situations or can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated.  




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    Please know that those nodules are much too small to biopsy.  Any attempt at this point is likely to miss the nodule.  Also please know that 90-95% of lung nodules resolve themselves. Exposure to allergens. A recent cold or respitory infection, exposure to household or commercial chemical fumes, heavy pollution or air pollution particulates can all cause nodules.  

    That said, 6 months is too long to wait for a follow up three mos would be better with your history.