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Hi All,

 I was wondering - do any of you know if curcumin helps lower or prevent hair-loss due to chemotherapy?

My brother-in-law is on chemo (cisplatin + vp16) and was practically going bald, and since he started taking curcumin capsules, it seems as if the hair loss has stopped. Has anyone else around here experienced similar positive effect?

If so, does anyone have an explanation?

I'd be very grateful to hear anything about curcumin and hair-loss,  because my brother-in-law actually has a certain fear that if the side-effect of the hair-loss is being blocked, perhaps the curcumin is also blocking other necessary actions of the chemo.....

I'm pretty sure this fear is groundless, since curcumin is supposed to be very synergistic with cisplatin. (He does not take it on the days of the chemotherapy because you're not supposed to take curcumin together with the vp-16). But if I had something concrete to tell him about this to calm him down it would be a great help!!

He'd be thrilled if he knew that curcumin is known to help prevent hair-loss positively, yet still strengthen the chemo!!


Thanks and lots of health to all of you out there!!!

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