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5 Thyroid Nodules & 2 Lung Nodules

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This is my first post, so please bare with me. I am a 25-year-old, female. I had my 1st child at a very young age (15) and two years later a thyroid nodule was discovered at age 17. It was a solitary, 2CM, cystic nodule. Fast forward to 2011. At age 21, I gave birth to my 2nd child and shortly after it was discovered that the 2.5CM thyroid nodule had shrunk and it is now currently 1CM (predominantly cystic with some solid peripheral components.) However, two other subcentimeter nodules were noted. Okay, let's fast forward again to age 24. The three nodules above shrank, but two more subcentimeter nodules appeared. This makes 5 thyroid nodules total. Plus, I found out via CT-scan that I have two 2MM lung nodules (one on each lung.) Here is the thing, none of the thyroid nodules have made a significant change in the past 8-years and have been, for the most part, remaining stable. None of them have microcalcifications, one has some vascularity and they are all hypoechoic. My endo has been watching them for almost a decade and he does not believe that the lung nodules are related to my thyroid nodules, as I was scared of possible mets from thyca (I have not been diagnosed.) My endo wants me to forget that the lung nodules even exsist and just continue monitoring my thyroid nodules once a year. He (endo) does not believe that a biopsy is needed at this time because they are all subcentimeter. I asked him about possible surgery, but he says he would rather have me keep my thyroid unless it was a life or death situation (though he also stated that he would not deny me surgery, if that is what I truly wanted.) I am now pregnant at age 25 with child #3 and I am an emotional train wreck. I worry 24/7 about thyca and the fact that *if* it does turn out to be the big "C" that it has already possibly spread to my lungs because I have most certainly have had thyroid nodules for at least 10-years. I understand that none of you are doctors and I would never ask for you to diagnose me, as that is impossible. I did see a thyroid surgeon and he told me that my chance of having thyca is around 15%. I am soley just here for advice. I feel very alone, with no one to talk to. :-(

Thank you.

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Hello Britt,

To me, your thyroid nodules getting smaller is a very good sign.

I'm assuming you are having neck sonograms to keep track of what's going on?  If so, not having any suspicious lymph nodes showing up in the sonograms is also a very good sign.  I'm no doctor but I believe most metastic thyca will first show up in the neck lymph nodes, mine did - it's how I was diagnosed.

I would be hesitant to have a lot of radioactive scans.  Sonograms are OK as they just use sound waves, you can have them as often as you want, but CTs, X-Rays and the like, if you have a lot of them you may cause a cancer that you wouldn't have otherwise developed.

Did the surgeon say why he thought the chances were 15%?


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my ocnologist said about the save thing for the lung nodules but because I have breast cancer he will check them  out in 3 -4 month.


The partial thyroid was removed because of nodules and godter and now I have two that need to biopsied this Sept or Ooctober. 

From my experience keep your thryoid as long as you can and make sure you understand all your options before any surgery or therapy

, get the actual written reports from your doctor and go over them at least twice and take notes.  I noticed my throid problems at 26 and didn't have to to .

anything till 2000 my diagonosis was goiter - know your dx  and sit down and have him explain every thing and if you need to take a tape recorder but definitely take notes.

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