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Concern with Da Vinci prostatectomy 07-27-15 at Houston Hospital.

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Had the surgery and once I got into recovery, there was hundreds of capillaries in my face, cheeks and forehead that burst.

The doctor said he had never seen that in over 2000 da Vinci prostatectomies that he has done.

I am now home and 4 days post surgery. The bursting of the capillaries has ceased and most is cleaning up.

I was told part of this was due in part to the steep trendedulberg (sp) angle of the operating table.

The other two guys that had the same procedure, the same day as i did, didn't have that issue

 This is all new to me. Anybody have any thoughts about this?

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I am sorry for the ocurrence. I hope you recuperate the soonest and enjoy the success of the operation against the bandit.

Best wishes,


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...lasted a long time. I was head - down on the operating table for several hours. For a couple of days after, my head was swollen from blood pooling there during the proceedure.

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Didn't know that they turned you upside down when they do DaVinci surgery.  Kinda makes sense I guess; gives the doc a better angle to address the location.  Also never heard about this additional "side effect" of the procedure.  Just goes to show that you can always learn something new everyday.

Bill: Hopefully the busted caps will be the least of your worries following your surgery.  Best of luck for a uneventual recovery!

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I got the foley out yesterday (10th day post-op). That's a relief.

Makes you appreciate the little things.

I feel like I have some control, so that sure is a positive note. Hopefully that continues.

I think the Kegal exercises are helping. 

Cough, sneeze or stand up real quick and there is leakage.

Hopefully that will resolve. For now have  depends/guards to help.

A continuing problem being experienced for me is being tired.

I walk as required but I'm just tuckered out.

Thought 10 days post-op would be enough.

Surely in time that will get better.

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...about 3 months to get decent control, but still get the occaisonal surprise drip 2 & 1/2 years out. No big deal now though.


The fatigue has hung in there all this time for me though, but I also did 80 Gy of radiation and have been on ADT chemo for that same time frame. Hoping the fatigue fades as I come back up to speed sometime later this year.

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