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Switching from Votrient to Axtinib

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I have been on Votrient since 3/1/2013 to treat RCC on right and left kidney plus lesions on my pancreas.  The Votrient reduced the tumors on both kidneys and on my pancreas in the first two or three months of treatment and then I held steady until this Summer.  After my  last MRI the lesions on my pancreas increased enough that my Oncologist has decided to take me off of Votrient and start Axtinib in the coming weeks. I am scheduled for a PET scan next week and then will start the Axtinib.

Does anybody have any experience with Axtinib?  I am a bit anxious about this new development because I was holding my own for over two years and I thought that the lesions on my pancreas was more or less under control.  My kidneys have not changed for over two years and my kidney function is very close to normal. Any comments would be appreciated.



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Votrient was good to me for quite awhile.  Then it wasn't.  What followed wasn't good to me at all.  I was shocked personally.  Now I am on Axtinib.

Okay scans at month three.  I was on Sutent when my pancreas lesions went away.  For what it is worth,  Axtinib and sutent share company brand and  a shared  development. 

I had a hard time changing medications.   I have had opportunity to get used to it.  And so it goes.  So much of the stuff we take only lasts so long.  We are all glad to have something new to move to.  I hated to leave Sutent.  However I left while it was still effective.  When I have nothing new to move to, I will have Sutent. 

We all have the same medical issues and the same medication.  And yet we can have different paths to follow.

I wish you all the best.


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