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Personal Growth when you have cancer

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To all of you, I am so moved and impressed, by the outpouring fo sincere sentiment and mourning upon finding out about Nano and DJ.  There is a special bond that seems to develop amonst individuals who have cancer and more especially, those who share the same diagnosis, i.e. kidney cancer no matter the sub-category.

I didn't come on here until I was about 1/2 way into this 9 year experience, so you didn't hear me in my early days.  But I can relate to the "newbies" who have just been Dx'd, or are confronting thescanxiety of the first CT after surgery.

What is common, is that those who have the knowledge or experience with a particulat situation, test, procedure, etc. are ready and willing to share what they know with the next new patient.  For some, that is easy.  For others, it is difficult to share some of the innermost thoughts and fears that the diagnosis of cancer has made bubble to the top of the pot of emotions.

What I see/read/hear, is absolute concern for the fellow patient, the drive to make what you do with the remainder of your life valuable to yourself and others,  In this current medical climate, many learn about the need for self-advocacy, learn how to share feelings with family and loved ones, learn the importance of learning to LIVE-not just exist.  And we all learn that there is more to our being than being a cancer patient.

Are we worse off for having cancer?  Yes!   Are we better people now?  Yes!  Are we going to fight to beat it?  You betcha!  And if that isn't personal growth, I don't know what is.

With care and hugs to everyone,



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We should meet up in about 30 years.



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Beautifully said, Donna. Hugs right back at you. And can I join that meeting in 30 years, Icemantoo :)

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My diagnosis was a swift kick in the *** that forced me to work less, focus on early retirement and find more ways to give back because I felt so lucky to be diagnosed while my tumor was small and was stage 1.  Things at work and in life that used to bother me make me laugh now.  I feel like I am a better person after having cancer. 

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Donna and I will each be 102 years young when we meet in 30 years.




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once an old fart, always an old fart........

Remember the days when we shared alot of jokes? Tex called it "Gallows humor." Gary gave us his "friday funnies."

Our friends come and go. But it is like a mothers love. We can always take care of one more.... Nice sentiments Donna. And of course you too Icenabtoo!

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I'm told that we, the people of East London, are good at Gallows Humour - its what got us through the Blitz!




 I never really got the hang of it.

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Very nice sentiments, Donna!

And very true words.



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