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Nanosecond has passed

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The sad news just came across on SmartPatients that Niel F.(NanoSecond) has passed.  His wife says he had been declining severely the last few weeks.  He is another one that was such a rock and was always there to try to help anyone and  everyone.  I knew his treatment was not working and knew this day would come, but it is so hard to hear.  It is so hard even to find words.

Rest in peace Dear Neil,


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Oh no!!! This is the second death i heard of today! Two sweet people that will be severely missed.  I knew something was wrong because he wasn't posting and i was trying to ask another person on Smartpatients.  Wow! I am so, so sad!  DJ and Neil, you two will be forever missed!  Prayers for the family. 


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My first reaction to the news about Neil was to pound the arm of my chair and shout NO-NO-NO.  So much anger and sorrow at once.

I had not heard about DJ.  We lost her too?  Double anger and double sorrow.

I pray for their families.

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and feel, let us be glad that the pain for each of them is over.  My thoughts and wishes for a short grief go out to their friends and families.

And may it encourage us to be strong and love our families and friends even more deeply; and let them know we care about them while we are able to tell them.

Hugs to all.


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Kathy, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to post about DJ. I didn't even realized that I put her name here. It was unintentional as I  was told that her family was going to try to post something.  Please forgive me.  I just found out about three deaths within a half hours time and I am not thinking as I should.  I hope you are ok and I hope that DJ's family do not get upset that I posted. They will both be greatly missed.  This is a sad day! Hugs to all!  Let's remember their bravery and the hard fight they gave! Warriors!



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It's just that, after also losing another sweet spirit from SmartPatients recently, this is all so overwhelming.  I hope their families will not be offended that my first reaction was anger.  It's just so wrong that this disease takes such good people.

My heart goes out to their families.  I apologize.

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I know, Kathy. I was fond of Moyra also.  It is so unfair.  I cannot understand why there is no cure and I honestly don't believe that there is not a cure!  If there is something close, it seems to disappear!  The anger is not towards the family, it is towards cancer.  And, rightly so.  Hugs to you!

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this disease truly is unpredictable and when it metastasizes, it depends on where; Neil was a realist and he knew what he was facing; his cancer took on a life of its own last summer.

Moyra didn't post here but agree that she will be missed.

Treatment working or not is also random and unpredictable ; some are on meds for years, others a few weeks.

Just some thoughts


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I ddon't really know what to say.  I am so new here.  Reading Nanoseconds thoughts on his move to Keytruda inspired me.  Enough that after a week of lurking I joined this group. 

I am so sorry.  For him and Dj.



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RIP Neil and DJ.

I loved DJ's avatar.  You could tell before reading anything she typed that she was a beautiful person, and this was confirmed by what she posted here.

Neil was always such a great source of information, and always willing to help. 


I hope they both found peace, and I hope their families are doing OK.

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Hate this disease.  Neil was one of the first people I talked to; he eased my mind with cold, hard science.  The man was a realist and a TROVE of knowledge.  I'm not sure anyone could succeed him on this board.  

You fought this disease with grace and NEVER complained... rest now.

- Jay

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I wrote Neil a few days ago, but noticed today I still didn't hear from him..sigh

So I get on HERE and get an private message, thinking it was from NEIL and find

out it was about DJinnie!!!

At least, there is a reunion, the other great lady from Smart Patients, Moyra, and so many others from here.. FINALLY done paying their dues and OUT OF PAIN and MISERY!!

Still.. I am sad for us..

HUGS to you all!


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Our friends are no longer suffering. I know they fought hard and expected the same from all of us. So let's emulate their spirit and keep them in our thoughts. I love all you guys. We do this together. Fox.

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I had the opportunity of speking with Neil a couple years back and he sure took seriously his effort to help others on their joutney.



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My thoughts are with their families. May their spirits help everyone here who needs it...

Sad day for this group... :-(

I hate this &$"€¥##~|_ cancer....

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I am sad beyond words. And angry. What a horrible %$#@ disease. My thoughts and prayers with their families and a part of my heart with DJ and Neil.

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We just lost two very special members to this horrid disease. 

Djinnie was a sweet,  gentle soul who never got discouraged or lost hope.  

Neil was an incredible vault of knowledge and support who was so very stoic. 

Two huge losses and a blow to us all. 

We will certainly miss them... But we will never forget them.  

My thoughts and  prayers go out to their families. 

Heaven just became a better place. 

Lots of love to you all,  


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So sad, Neil will be dearly missed but he is at peace now.


I know, I am probably violating some site rule but the following was posted on Smart Patients from Neil's wife.  

Neil's wife wrote:

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Neil Feldman passed away this morning.


He had been declining severely in the past few weeks, in a wheelchair and sleeping much of the day. But in the end it was quick. He awakened at 2:30 a.m. and said, “Something’s not right.” I helped him back to sleep, and when I got up at 6:45 a.m. (late for us), he was still sleeping — in a coma. He passed away, with our daughter Anna and me at his side, just after 10.


Please let the community know that Neil was on hospice for a full year -- after he came close to death in June 2014, before starting Afinitor and gaining another year -- and I cannot recommend hospice highly enough. People should not fear signing up. We had a nurse visit every Monday and a massage therapist every Friday. They helped us with oxygen, hospital bed, medications, and all manner of issues. They were here when Neil died -- though Neil, typically, waited until the nurse was out of the room and alone with Anna and me.


Please tell everyone how important Smart Patients has been to him.


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Neil was much loved in both places... I dont think Smart Patients would mind you sharing.. you beat me to the punch its why I logged in here... Nanosecond/Neil was loved by us all... the nutriation information that he compiled and shared will be his legacy as will his giving and sharing heart!!!

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Skagway Jack
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It is with heavy heart I read of the loss of our friends.  I too was blessed with kindness and attention from these two souls when I first joined CSN.  Though I post less frequently I try to check the forum weekly.  I am greatly saddend by the news.  My deepest condolences to their families and loved ones. 


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It is a sad day for us for two great people have passed, but a happier day for them for the suffering of this horrible disease is now over and they are in a far better place.  Thoughts and prayers go to their families.

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This is so sad nanosecond and Djinnie were among the first people I spoke to on here when I joined last year, it has taken me all day to write something and all I can think of is that this is so sad. My deepest condolences to their families and their friends. This is such a horrible desease I HATE it.

Keep fighting everyone 

Lots of love

Angela xx

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Oh no...

Now they hurt no more. I wish a lot of strength to their families.

I'm so lucky to know them and to feel their support and knowledge...

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Beyond sad to hear the news of Nanoseconds and Djs passing. Neil was an amazing guy with an incredible amount of intelligence and compassion.

Dj (Carolyn)was a very dear friend to me and a huge supporter and encourager of me, and my daughter as she was dealing with her own illness.  She was that way for everyone. I am richer for knowing her. Sending hugs to her family if they read this.

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We lost two wonderful members of our community. No matter how bad they may have been feeling they were both so willing to reach out and help others. Rest in Peace Neil and DJ.

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I will miss Djinnie and Neil so much.  I feel like both of them were friends of mine.  I loved Djinnie's sense of humor and the way she wrote and described things.  She was a very compassionate lady.  Neil was my hero, and advisor.  I just loved how he wrote the kind truth in response to people.  He had a way with words that was truly unique to this site.  i will miss them both.


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It needs to be remembered that this is a public site.  Smart Patients is private. 


When I first googled RCC, the link I clicked on was a thread written by Fox.  Looking back, it was an interesting "first read".   I still dont know who Fox is.  And yet I know him very well.  My point is, Neil did not use his last name here, and I believe he appreciated a certain level of anonymity. 

I believe Neils wife should be asked if it's ok to post her letter here.  It's respectful of her privacy. 

If anyone wants to know more about RCC, or have more intimate personal conversations, I encourage you to "also" joint Smart Patients.  Neil introduced many people to the smart patients website.  He sent me a private email encouraging me to join so that I could communicate with more caregivers privately.  I will always be greatful to him.  RIP Neil.

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I can't think of a better way to honor him than to keep updated on the science of kidney cancer. This is a passion of mine, I'll try to do my best here for all. I copied and pasted all his posts on chromophobe for my husband. I'll miss his input very much. 

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A good man who will be mised by more than hr knew

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I'm so sorry to learn of Neil's passing, he helped me a lot and gave me precious knowledge and information. He was always there to help and answer all my questions about nutrition. I'm so sorry we've lost such a caring member, I read the news yesterday but couldn't write anything as it was a big shock for me, I didn't know he was in hospice for a year. Rest in peace Dear Neil. DJ, our beloved DJ, I'm so sorry we lost her, she was always positive and had a sense of humor which I've always admired. she was a fighter and it's good that she doesn't have pain any more.Rest in peace Dear Carolyn. I hope that newbies don't lose their hopes, there are many ones out there who survive at stage IV for a long time. Forough

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Words fail me. I don't know what to say. It's really very, very sad news.


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when I came on here tonight tocheck on everyone and find two of our loved ones on here have passed.  My heart breaks for the families.  I pray God gives them the comfort they need at this time and that He wraps his arms around them with love.  I pray for peace,  Nano and DJ RIP.  Love you all

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I just found out about Neil and Djinnie. It is very sad and unfair. My condolences to the families and friends. It will never be the same.

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Alex, how are you?  Miss seeing you on the boards.Hugs.

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We have lost so many great people.  Rest In Peace Neil and Djinnie.

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