In case you want to be seen at the Mayo Clinic--Rochester

I am writing this post because my dad currently has stage IV Splenal Marginal Zone Lymphoma that transformed into Aggressive B Cell lymphoma. He lives in Boise, Idaho, but I live in Rochester, MN, and work at the Mayo Clinic. Through this experience, I have seen firsthand what a massive difference there is between the quality of care and depth of expertise that is available to him in Idaho versus that available when he has visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. 

So, in case anyone is interested in being seen there, here is the process you go through to be seen:

Start here.  This is the first step. Appointment specialists will respond to you and go through the particulars of your insurance, costs, etc. At least, in my experience that's what they do.

Then, research housing options in Rochester. There are several options, some are free depending on your situation, and some cost money. You just need to find which will be best for you.

If anyone wants more advice or information, feel free to message me or write back. I'll do what I can to honor reasonable requests for information. :)