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New here...Melanoma stage 3

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I have found this board in hopes of learning all I can, and what others may have experienced themselves as well.  I am a super busy active mom...and I have always been in great health....So this is all new to me....I had a freckle on my thigh area that while I was pregnant it began to spread..after having the baby it became almost blister like.  This was only 10 weeks ago. Once I got into the dermatologist they removed the area and I received the call 2 days later that it was melanoma.  I have since had surgery to remove a large area of my thigh and also a lymph node for testing.  They did determine that there were a couple cancerous cells in the lymph node.  However, I am now at a waiting point....due to my doctor calling for a mammogram to be done, and the doctors found something concerning.  I am awaiting biopy results either today or tomorrow.

So I could possibly be facing breast cancer as well.  Anyone ever gone through this?  Or know what to maybe expect?  I am also looking into Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers.  And if anyone can offer me any information I would greatly apprecaite it!  

Thank you, and I trust in the power of prayer!  I pray you find comfort and peace and healing in your journey as well!!

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I found myself in your situation last February. Had the surgeries and so i'm cancer-free (right now).  You will most likely be asked to do the chemotherapy that raises your chances of NOT having a re-ocurrance, which is a very real possibility for stage 3. The chemo for this is Interferon (several times a week for a year) or peginterferon (once a week for 5 years).  The benefit of peginterferon is that patients typically get much FEWER side effects and feeling sick. That's the path i chose, and I'm coming up on the end of my first year. I can only give you one piece of advice if you do the interferon (either one): make sure you get the reccomended amount of vitamin D. I WAS getting very sick from chemo, but whem i started getting vitamin D everyday, the symptoms became MUCH more tolerable.

Good luck to you!

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Just wanted to say I hope you will consider being seen by a specialist, not just an oncologist, but a melanoma specialist.  They will be aware of the latest treatments available and will be able to offer you the most up to date recommendations in treatment and care.  The field of melanoma treatment has been changing rapidly and continues to change.

Hopefully you will not also have a breast cancer diagnosis to deal with!  But stage III cutaneous melanoma is most often treated with close followup for skin checks, sometimes blood work, though this can vary between specialists, and scans to make sure the melanoma hasn't spread, especially for the first few years.  Interferon is somewhat controversial now in terms of benefit, but would be something to discuss with your doctor.  Some no longer even offer it.  Some people do experience severe side effects from it, some don't.  But again, standard treatment will definitely include close followup and scans.

Best wishes to you, and hoping your breast cancer screening will be clear.

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i had surgery on my arm last thursday for melonoma, i do not understand my pathology reports, have not been to doctor to explain them yet, i viewed them on line, says 2.6 cm from deep surgical margin, is that good or bad



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