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Don't you love it when

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The insurance conce company phones up and tells you you cant have a CT scan cause they have less expensive options.

"And are they in the top 50 hospitals at treating my kind of cancer? I ask


Then I'll continue with the treatment my oncologist recommended, where he he recommended.

Bloody bean counters trying to dictate my life


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Did they accept that, Stomps? Are you still having the CT Scan at your scheduled hospital? What a pain - as if you don't have enough to deal with!

Go get 'em!


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It annoys me when their beancounters get involved

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went through the same crap when my surgery at MSKCC in NYC was "approved" and then "unapproved" it because they said I could get the "same surgery" in NJ.  I respectfully disagreed bc the doc in NJ was going to do a radical nephrectomy, and my doc was going to do a partial.  My doc was also going to do an open surgery, whereas most of the ones in NJ were specializes in robotic/laparascopic.  I could not do laparascopic bc of prior abdominal surgeries.  It took an epic battle down to the wire to get the surgery done at MSKCC.  Sometimes you have to keep fighting back against the pinheads.

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What were these "options" of which they speak?  Indian mysticism?  Acupuncture?  A cancer sniffing dog?  As if they don't ALREADY have enough g--damn money.  My insurance company has the 6th tallest building in Philadelphia.  I have a raised rancher.  Screw them.

- Jay 

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My husband is on Medicare.  A couple years ago, prior to a scan, the receptionist asked us to sign a consent.  The consent was for a study being undertaken by Medicare insurance.  They wanted access to my husbands complete medical records, and to have dialog with his physicians re whether or not the scans were warranted, and if the results changed his treatment plan.  They were looking at if scans were needed and at what frequency.  We refused to sign the consent.  Honestly, we figured they probably already had this information at their disposal.  Surprisingly, the receptionist said "everybody signs the consent".   We said, if we don't sign, will you still do the scans?  She didn't know.  Finally, a supervisor questioned us as to what "is our problem?"   We still didn't sign, and they did do my husbands scans.  We also did not return to this local facility because they did not measure the size of the mets on the scan.  Now, we always have our scans done at the same major medical center with the RCC specialist.

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