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BIG news in treatments: Opdivo study halted EARLY, and another drug coming too!!!

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Stopped a clinical trial of its drug Opdivo six months early after the therapy kept kidney-cancer patients alive longer compared with those taking a standard treatment.

In the late-stage study of 821 patients who had been previously treated for advanced renal cell carcinoma, Opdivo met the primary goal of improved survival. The results mark the first time an immuno-oncology drug, which harnesses the immune system, has shown the ability to help patients live longer, Bristol-Myers said.





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Well that does sound promising!! Thank you for sharing. For those of you that remember our dear Ron (GSRon) he was very hopeful of the drugs that were "coming down the pipe".

Missing you, Ron. XOXO



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Good news!   Yes, Ron and also TW would have loved seeing this! i hope the new drugs work exceptionally. Especially those that are being used for brain tumors. I don't remember the name but they are taking a piece of the tumor out then activating it with a cure and putting it back in the body. Something to that affect.

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Sounds amazing and very hopeful!


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I just love news like that.  Thanks for posting.   And yes, it is hard to type with crossed fingers.



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I am currently on my second Infusion of opfivo with Yervoy. I did get tired, and needed to rest for a couple days. I was surprised that I felt very weak, but warned ahead of time that I could be. So far, so good. 

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Since I was never on any of the drugs, I can't speak about them; but with the Covid 19 situation, they are taking a look at those who are on drugs and weighing the effects :: longer time between treatments.  It's a one page article inside the back cover.  Worth a read.


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