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12 Years Behind icemantoo But I Will Take It

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A man walks into a hospital, sits down in the examination room, and walks out with a new friend--NED!

One year checkup today, and all clear.  I feel a little silly posting because I had a small 2.9 cm tumor.  But I want the newbies to see that things can turn out great.  I was initially told I would need a radical nephrectomy because of my tumor location, but I found a doctor who saved 95% of my kidney.

Glorious trip into NYC today.  I take the ferry from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.  The ferry goes under the Brooklyn Bridge and past the Statue of Liberty.  Then past lower Manhattan and the fantastic new Freedom Tower.  I took my 14 year old son with me today.  As we passed lower Manhattan, I said to him that we are blessed to live so close to the greatest city in the greatest country in the world.  I count my blessings that I found my doctor, and I have a good prognosis. 

I want to be like icemantoo for the next 12 years and beyond!!!

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So happy for you.  Great news and great attitude.  You will have many more years NED and as a newbie, I appreciate your update.  What a great example you are setting for your son.

Have a wonderful weekend.

You deserve it.

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NED is a good fella, keep enjoying his company.

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a great story. And yes, I think we are lucky also. Good for you.

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My 1 year update is coming soon in September... Have to get all my scans done in late August and am hoping I can follow you into this kind of post.  I, too, had a small 2.8 cm bugger so here's hoping we can raise an imaginary beer to each other.

Great news!

- Jay

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I made the mistake of looking at my chest xray and ultrasound results before I saw the doctor thsi morning.  They were generally clear, but there were some actual question marks in the X-ray report, and I was wondering if something was up.  When I asked the doctor about the x-ray report, and he said there was absolutely nothing to worry about.  Reading those reports can be like reading a different language, adn I think next time I will wait to hear the results from the doctor.

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Happy to read this post, NED, it's a lovely word:d

Hoping for next 10*12 years of cancer free




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NED is my favorite word after partner's diagnosis and treatment, and I get very happy when I hear ir from someone! 

Congratulations! :-)

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NED is great! Always great to share the good news - we celebrate along with you!

Here's to NED!



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Keep NED coming!

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Sending you lots of positive NED vibes your way!!

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Wonderful news and many many more NED years to you :)

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