Dad Stage 4 - Spread to Adrenal Glands

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My 74 year old Dad had Prostate Cancer 4 years ago and in Oct 2014 he was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer. We found out a couple of weeks ago that it has spread to his Adrenal glands and so is now stage 4. He had 6 weeks of radiation in Dec and has just started Chemo last Monday. He's really positive and seems well on the outside. I love and respect him so much as he's handled all the bad news with grace, humor and love for everyone. My worry is that he's had a very bad shoulder pain for the last two weeks now. They are doing a scan tomorrow, but I'm really worried that it might have now spread to his bones? I know it's easy for your mind to race when we're waiting for the next scan result. What's so hard is I live and work on the West Coast and my Mum and Dad, along with the rest of the family are all in the UK. We FaceTime daily, but I want to be there for him. There's no doubt in my mind that I will fly back to be with him, but it's just hard knowing when to go. I know he'll be mad if he thinks I've given up my job to be there, but at this stage it's a no brainer for me. Thank you for letting me share what's been playing on my mind for weeks.


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    Keep it up

    I can understand you situation. I too love my family and want to be with them always, but due to job it was also not possible for me to be always with them. But it been a year i have decided to ear something less, but be with my family all the time. beacuse its pricessless. We all know that everyone has to leave the world a day or another. So why just ran behind the money, money is important, but ask is it very much important than the time you spend with your family. You will get your answer.


    Have a happy life and have a great day :)