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After targeted therapy?

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Greetings all - My Mom was diagnosed witih clear cell RCC in 2010, with lung mets appearing in 2011. She's taken Afinitor, Votrient, and now Inlyta. Each has resulted in stable disease for a little over a year with generally tolerable side effects. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on treatment they've received after targeted therapy. We just don't know what may be next. Many thanks for your input. 

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There is still Sutentshe in the targeted therapy arena. Beyond that, immunotherapies are mostly in trial stages. I believe that a  Nivolumab and ipilumamab combination will be approved by the FDA in the next 6 months or so.

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There is still nexavar, sutent, and avastin.  There is also torisel, but I have only heard of a few people taking it.  Has she considered IL2?

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Thanks for the responses. We are hopeful that the Inlyta will continue to be successful, but she did have to take a 6 week break due to a mild stroke. She's back on it now and tolerating it pretty well. The oncologist felt that IL2 might be too tough for her age (72) with other health issues. Again, thanks for the responses. Best wishes to you all.


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